Death Note Murder: Case Closed

Way back in 2007, in a public park [Duden Park] from Belgium, some citizens found body parts and blood. After the police was alerted and the investigation began, they discovered a note showing a strange message: “Watashi wa Kira desu” – “I Am Kira” – well-known character from the Death Note series.

Now, the murderers were found. Three of them were implicated directly in the murder and one was charged with failing to provide assistance to the victim.

The murderers were fans of the popular anime and manga – Death Note – fucked-up individuals who saw in this show something they could re-create in real life.

So, they dismembered the victim and abandoned the parts of his body.

This is why if you are a fucking RETARD just leave violent media for others who know that what’s represented there it’s just an illusion, an artistic expression of fear, anger and desperation.

I’m sorry for the guy who got chopped up.

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