Infinity Blue [Dark Philosophy] [+18]

I begin to wonder what if these angels could stop singing that creepy “La-la-laa..”. I used to sit here in solitude and wait for bad things to happen. And yes, bad things happened. You happened. And you made me this way.

Let me explain a few things for you…or what..if you’re cold now you think you can no longer listen to my complaining? It’s the main reason I didn’t cut your head off, yet.

Why do you fucking stare at me like that? With those corpse-like cold eyes…Ohh, I forgot you are a corpse….wait…what?? Am I talking to a dead body? I guess I am.

Anyway, you being dead or alive, it doesn’t matter now – as long as you cannot disturb me from providing my speech.

What I wanted to say was that I saw the pure, clear sky today. I stared at this cloudless entity for hours before I realized the mistakes I did. At that moment my hopes died in the most gruesome way you can imagine. Overwhelmed by a strange and unusual feeling I decided to change our future. I never felt this way – and I didn’t consume alcohol today.

But don’t you worry, I won’t leave you. I’ll continue to watch over you even if you’re cut in pieces. I’ll kiss you lips in the morning even if your flesh started to rot and maggots come out of your mouth. I’ll protect you even if your soul is gone. Mine never existed…

Still…you are my infinity…

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