Nintendo 3DS Launch Date Leaked

You know, most of the gamers out there are waiting for this gaming system from the day it was first mentioned. And you know that waiting is a bitch – a selfish one.

But now, the info regarding the launch date of the 3DS was offered to the public.

The German publication “Bild” told its public that the console will hit the market on November 11.

The price is situated around €200 [270$].

Later this month [29th] in Japan will be organized a press-event where the official release date will be announced – and I say this – because the credibility of the article is situated under a big question mark [at least in their country].

Among the games that have 3DS versions is Mario Kart – of course, Mario goes 3D – everybody expected that.

The console is glasses-free and it will revolutionize the gaming industry.

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