People [Dark Philosophy] [+18]

[This is a work of fiction and must be treated accordingly. Don’t take this as concrete bullshit, you lil ‘tard]

Wait…I whispered. I think I lost something…

As expected the body-bag I was carrying had a big hole in it and the mutilated limbs I collected were now laying on the tall grass.

Such a beautiful contrast…even in the golden moon-light…

The diamond-green fresh grass is now ruled by the sticky dark-red blood that was let loose from my gore-package. A few hands and a female head rested there, in front of me, near to my legs. Seeing them again was like a cryptic show for me.

I don’t fully understand why I love to decapitate and mutilate people…

They’re just people, you would say. We are all equal and they don’t deserve what I’m offering them. I don’t have the right to take their miserable lives…I don’t have the right to play God in this uneventful storm.

Seriously, I can’t remeber the precise moment when I started doing this shit. I just know that I love it. And people do things because they love it.

They love to hit, they love to lie, they love to hurt…

But me..I love to kill, I love to see their desperate faces and I love to hear them begging me to forgive them.

One strike with the axe and their pathetic excuses are meaningless. It only takes about three seconds to kill a person. Then, depending on what are you using, you spend several minutes to separate the head from the body. The hardest part is to cut their hands and legs. But I enjoy all of this. I mostly love to kill those who created barriers for me, who made me feel down and those who betrayed me.

You say they are people. I say they are dead…so fucking dead…

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