Super Soniko Babydoll vers. [PVC]

It’s been a while since I last reviewed some anime figures, but this one was too attractive not to be mentioned in here.

Super Soniko babydoll has two distinctive editions. This one, a lovely character, with a totally ecchi expressiveness, half-naked and ready to…hmm…party?!?

The music is directing her feelings. the cookies make the figure more enjoyable and we have also other cute elements like the cats.

The other edition, the DX, presents a refrigerator, a teddy-bear [not pedo, hopefully] and a guitar.

The association of the guitar with her headphones is amazing.

Other aspects: very interesting choice of hair color [thanks to the creator/illustrator and respected by the manufacturers and producers]. You should totally like the outfit and if you’re up for spending 6630 yens, you should add this to your collection.

One thought on “Super Soniko Babydoll vers. [PVC]

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