Moe Day: Failure [part 2]

I apologize for posting this article after the official moe day is over but I didn’t had the time nor the inspiration to release it earlier.

If you read the previous article regarding the day in which we celebrate all that is cute and pure – you already know what we have to deal with.

One thing that I wanted to express in the second part of Moe Day is the fact of taking advantage of it and making pointless anime like those with Hinako.

Sleeping with Hinako and Training with Hinako are two of the worst shows I’ve seen.

I mean we have cuteness, we have the element of dumb, because anime females [most of them] in ecchi series are dumb – probably moe is reflected also through that – but we don’t have a plot, something to attract.

In Sleeping with Hinako we have Hinako engaged in a sleeping session. Only ass and tits shots and nothing more. In Training we also have only female busty parts moving freely up and down – left and right.

What’s the purpose of these series? I mean, we have erotic depictions of everything in most of the shows. We also have moe in gigantic quantities in all the japanese media. And still,  some want more and more and more.

Using too much of something generates mistakes and probably failures. Moe it’s okay – but must be reduced to bits and parts.

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