Raindrop [Dark Philosophy] [+18]

[Dark Philosophy – original stories]

I had one chance to get away – to forget, to let it go, to start fresh, to analyze and change my point of view. One chance.

I was used to that, because when bullshit is coming only your way, you ain’t got nothing else to do but to accept the reality.

Hmmm. Reality. Terminal. Sequence. Phrase. Softness. Mirror. Coffin.

I stepped through the looking glass and I found nothing. Only a dark cloud waiting for me to fuck it up. And yes, I fucked it up. Big time.

I saw you and I tried to make you understand what’s wrong with me. I wasn’t always like this. I used to be peaceful, I never looked at another person with hatred and this crazy thirst of blood. Now, it seems I’m not myself. Am I a human being? I guess not. And I never was. I was only this selfish entity that floated desperately above these gray clouds. My desperation fueled them and my sadness sent them a cold fear. A fucked-up combination for a deadly rain.

It rained blood. It rained knives. It rained bodies. Maggots, guts, cadavers, a smell of rotten flesh. A smell of death. A sweet scent of Hell.

I was free, at last. But my life was ended. I was gone before meeting you or before letting you know what I’m capable of.

Raindrop. That was my name. That was my story.

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