TLJ: Arcadia

The series of articles regarding TLJ continues.

Today we take a look at what could be the most exciting universe created for an adventure game. Arcadia, the sister-world of Stark, is in TLJ, a magical universe, full of mysterious and also vicious creatures, a land of promises and where art, spirit and belief are brought together.

To get here, you must have magical powers as a Shifter. Only this one can open up the portal between these two worlds. April Ryan [the main character from TLJ] doesn’t know how to use her powers but she has a certain amount of faith, which helps her reaching her destination [April’s faith will be discussed in a future TLJ article].

Information regarding the ancients inhabitants, mystic rituals, regarding the dragons and the purpose of the living can be found here. A land of peace and prosperity, with multiple faces and all sorts of people. Once you get in here, you could be amazed by what the Divide could generate. [The Divide was the split of these two sister-worlds, which were once united].

The cities and the natural landscapes, the cultures and the fight for survival, the good people and the villains existing in here, all are parts of a great world, mystifying and gorgeous.

Some shots depicting Arcadia are presented in the video below. Enjoy!

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