Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2

With lots of improvements and new characters to choose from, DB RB 2 seems to be one hell of a fighting game produced for the XBox 360.

With a new fighting system and interesting modes, Raging Blast 2 will increase the number of hours of fun. Air movement is improved, bonus points offered for special attacks and strategy actions – and you can use these bonus points to customize the character you are fighting with.

The weather in every map can be challenging from what I’ve heard.


(C) Badosutajio / Shueisha Fuji TV Toei Animation (C)2010 NBGI (C) 2010 NBGI


Characters new to the Raging Blast series will be, among others: Ultimate Gohan, Saibamen, Cell Junior, Android 13 and Mecha Frieza.

With lots of action, destructible environments and the possibility of increasing your combat skills to the ultimate level – Raging Blast 2 will hit the market this November.

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