Last Seen… [some update]

Been a while since I last talked about what I’ve seen lately.

Maybe too long to remember all the shows and movies that crossed my path. Recently I began watching Highschool of the Dead, one show that I dropped due to lack of time. I finished School Days, Queen’s Blade and Elfen Lied [again] and I’m about to start some ecchi shows [cuz I’ve been missing them].

With movies it’s another story.

I especially enjoy horror flicks – and zombie media. I re-watched the first three parts of Resident Evil before viewing Afterlife. It was quite good, but the 3D effects were not as awesome as I expected them to be.

I wasn’t impressed either by “The Last Airbender”. It had good animation, but the story wasn’t developed enough and it lacked emotionality. The soundtrack was good thought.

Then I passed onto some old good movies like “Good Morning Vietnam” – I never caught this one before and I was impressed how friends can become enemies over the night. And to be honest, the leading character was a genius.

Yesterday I had some fun watching Piranha. Well, it was quite good, despite the dark comedy porn that was meant to be. I mean, chicks are cool, naked chicks are great, but sadistic ancient piranhas are awesome.

Next I’ll watch a horror Indonesian film – something similar to the Grudge or The Ring. I love Asian ghost movies. That’s for sure.

Til next time, see ya.

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