Guide: Love Plus

Alright people. This is a major issue now – not only an otaku-related phenomenon. It’s something that intrigues and something that asks questions. Is it normal or it’s not – to see into the depths of this issue – they say. Well, I say let’s take a good look at what we have in front of us and then decide.

Love Plus

Once upon a time when gamers loved to spend time with their favorite characters and guide them through whatever came their way. A time when princesses were meant to be rescued, when magical items were meant to be found and delivered to the greatest warlock of the universe, a time when simple people could become heroes by engaging themselves into battles against the dark forces. They all sound like cliches – but they are in fact the true nature of people’s mind. Simple people with great imagination were able to create fantastic stories and events that happened to be loved by many many others.

In 2009, Konami released in Japan a Nintendo DS game called Love Plus. A regular dating simulator, loved by the individuals who often are called otakus. But not this simple after one college student, fell madly in love with one of the characters and married her. <[O.0]>

That’s right. Love Plus was never meant to be just a regular dating sim. It is a phenomenon – clearly able to start a revolution – a revolution of virtual love.

The creators chose a link between the human world and a virtual Universe and they linked them – so good that people started to live in the fictional world.

With lots of choices – you can engage in a serious relationship with one of the virtual girls.

Many people played and enjoyed this game. But many were taken away from their reality and now are captive in a romantic fictional Universe where they can lead their fantastic relationships as they want.

A different version of the game called Love Plus + brought more content, more choices and more fun. I say fun because playing games is always fun. But some people over-enjoying it – live in it – basically do whatever they can to get closer to what the game can offer. I never played the game but I read lots of articles regarding it. Recently the creators were awarded for the Excellency of this game. And this tells a lot about the game.

Another prize that Love Plus received was for its romantic side. A Romance category award is something that you encounter very rare – I don’t know of any other titles that received this prize.

With the upcoming sequel of the game, the 3DS version – people expect greatness. The only thing that many hate is that the game has only a japanese version. The amount of text and information in game is enormous and not even fans could come up with a translated version.

Anyway – hopefully people will understand that a game it’s just pure fiction even if it is great. So, if you read this – don’t marry your console or whatever :)) Get real bitches. It’s worth it :))

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