I Am Happy – perceptions

When it’s the right time for us to say that we are truly happy? Can we say this only when things couldn’t be better, when everything that we desire is there for us or can we pretend that we don’t miss anything and accept our existential condition?

The 2009 Korean production “I Am Happy” teaches us many things. But as sad the movie is, we can state this: we are free to feel happy about anything.

Man-su is having the crappiest moment of his life. His brother, a gambling addict robs and beats him. His mother suffers from dementia.

And besides that, the stress is causing his loss of memory and deformity of reality. He ends up in a psychiatric ward – where he follows a program in order to be cured.

Because he had money problems, he unintentionally sees money in every piece of paper he lies his eyes on.

On the other side we have the nurse that is helping him. She has problems at her work-office and that could be nothing if her father weren’t suffering from cancer.

Two souls that are trying to enjoy life when it shouldn’t be indicated. Two stories that have to be said and two personalities that are quite strong when facing the inflicted pain. For them happiness it’s an illusion – like for many others out there.

Q: But what about you? And what about me?

A: I am not happy, I’m just enjoying things.

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