Zombie Mode: Highschool of the Dead

Welcome to the newest series of articles for this blog. Zombie Mode will feature media presenting – obviously – zombies. Watch out for their bite – you could be the next to turn into a emotionless twisting body – with only one thing in your mind – to kill and eat.

Today’s feature – one of the best anime shows of this year – HOTD – Highschool Of The Dead.

It all started at their school. A strange person appeared and attacked one of the teachers. Then all hell break loose. Zombies everywhere…

The show is intense, showing the decay of the human nature when facing a great evil. Desperation, fear, hatred – seen as opposites of the truths of human nature. The characters are constantly facing danger. And still, with their necessary violent behavior they manage to remain the same – able to help and to protect others.

12 episodes in which we enjoy gore and horror at their best. With nail-guns, powerful shotguns or katanas – the heroes make their way through the masses of zombies. The team-work makes them unstoppable even when everything seems lost. Themes like love or purity, innocence are not avoided even if it’s a horror show.

Cliche or not – it was the beginning of the end.

About the zombies – they tend to reflect the Romero type – powerful yet slow. Damaging their head would stop them but in a large number they cannot be brought down.

Best depictions of the zombies were the ones in the school and in the isolated parts of the city. Small places are best for a lethal ambush.

I guess – all that’s remained now is to read the manga and learn other aspects of the same story.

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