Guide: Continuity

[Movie related article – category: film-editing]

Film editing means nothing more but the process of establishing the final motion-picture. And because one product consisted of film-shots must have a meaning, a precise order – today were going to talk about continuity in movies and TV series.

Art means vision. Vision means expressing ideas. Ideas come as story-telling, therefore we have to deal with the constructive art of storytelling. For the audience to understand what we want to express and what each shot represents – we establish an order, a list of continuous actions which are related and construct our main plot.

Of course that stories can be distorted with flashbacks, memories, deja-vu examples and so – but it is important that the main parts of the action to be respected. Most of the movies begin with a final sequence – to introduce us to the goal of the film. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot have a proper beginning, an evolved plot and a precise ending.

Continuity means keeping the plot data flowing. We cannot deal with in-existent events. That is why a movie shouldn’t lack important actions. Even if we delay telling the truth, in the end, we must explain how things happened to be that way. It’s like solving a puzzle. Not many are able to do this – and I refer here to complicated movie or TV puzzles.

Open endings always let us to re-create an alternative ending for that story – to try to get an essential perspective on what should have been told. Continuity let’s us develop the plot. You cannot find all the answers after only watching half of a movie or the first episode of a TV show.

Without continuous events we cannot tell a proper story. Even if events are not much related – we still have to present them in order.

Continuity – art form – essential in writing, film or dance.

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