Zombie Mode: Zombie Survival Guide [part 1]

Well, obviously, when the Zombie Apocalypse occurs – first of all – you should know how to avoid getting killed and turned into an emotionless cadaver.

This article will state some facts that I’ve read in Max Brook’s Zombie Survival Guide.

Gimme a kiss...

This disease is caused by a terrifying virus called Solanum that installs into the host’s body and serves as a meaning of re-animation. Interesting fact is that the virus is deadly for any kind of living thing but only humans can become zombies. Yeah…right.

It takes about 24 hours to become one re-animated corpse. After feeling sick, having fever and parts of your body start to decolorate, you can either die instantly or pass through a dementia phase and then cease to live. After this, your basic muscle functions start to work again.

Zombies rely on smell and taste mostly. They do not own a night vision nor have other fantastical powers. But they can sense human flesh from distance, the scent of blood or freshly killed humans.

Their organs, most of them stop working. Blood doesn’t flow through their veins so the brain isn’t working perfectly. They only rely on killing and eating – primary instincts. They do not feel pain – so nerves are out of question – and it seems that they are fixed on the same thing – to keep on going for their potential prey – even if their physical condition isn’t allowing them to.

Interesting fact that I didn’t know was that the inspired and expired air is the base of their unique moaning. Their lungs serve as empty cavities through which the air passes by.

Their intelligence is resumed to the thinking capability of an insect :)) [That’s a good one :))]. They have to needs, no memories, no remorse or painful thoughts. A disadvantage is represented by their lack of perceptiveness. They cannot understand what’s right or wrong being led only by their most basic instinct.

These are only a few of the traits a zombie reflects. There are many more questions about this phenomenon and they are going to be answered in another part of this article.

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