MM! [Emu-Emu!]

Emu-Emu is an anime adaptation after the light novel series with the same name.

Genre: Comedy, Romance.

Meet Isurugi Mio – self proclaimed God who engages herself into the healing process of extreme-hentai-masochist Sado Tarou.

This highschooler [Sado] is addicted to physical pain and finds great pleasure in being kicked and slapped by young girls. [O.0]

The trio wouldn’t be complete without Yuuno Arashiko – a shy girl who can’t stand the presence of men around her. Despite being cute and shy [apparently] she is capable of beating up everyone, including Sado [who enjoys it of course].

The first four episodes deal with the efforts of curing Sado. After trying to get Sado closer to the girl he likes – Isurugi-chan has this idea of becoming his date, thinking that love would solve the problem.

We see some evolution in Yuuno too, because after spending time with Sado, she is able to avoid the fear of being in the presence of males.

Still, to confess to the person he likes, Sado must overcome his “illness”.

Themes like brother complex, cross-dressing and overwhelming mother-love are present too in these series.

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