Yurei – presentation

[original story from the Dark Philosophy collection]

[genre: thriller, mystery]

[I’m writing this because I’ve collected many images that must be placed into a whole and shaped as a story. The story you’re about to read is the tragedy of a woman who became a ghastly entity trapped into her nightmares for eternity. The only thing that she is able to do is to engage herself into revenge acts by terrorizing the living. The undead in my vision are not able to overcome their sins – therefore they have to cultivate them and evolve]

Yurei – The Blasphemy

Like many individuals in that period, Yoko prepared herself spiritually for the up-coming Obon festival. It’s not like she didn’t want to accentuate the sweet memories of her sister, but something has been making her feel weird for some time now.

The festival didn’t mean anything to her til now – she personally was questioning her spirituality and the way she thought about this – but for now, this event was something that seemed helpful.

The gorgeous look of this mid thirties woman was now replaced by a pale-weird face. Her smile wasn’t the same – the smile that made people admire her vanished in thin air. Her eyes were now just like two misplaced rocks on the bottom of a dirty ocean.

A skinny face forced into a grotesque show – a perfect definition for her attempt to laugh after all that happened. She took care of herself after the incident, but she was marked by the macabre concentration that she encountered.

You probably wonder what happened that day…Well, the story begins as always…where it ends…


Spring. The season wonders are reflected again into everything that still expresses the natural elements of life. Grass, trees, flowers, the sweet scent of purity, the golden attribute of the ocean, or maybe the pink-petal tornado that persisted in all parks in the northern parts of Kyoto.

The Sakura-viewing places were crowded today. Happy children running around, couples holding hands and floating into the love that life itself emanated. Old people, young people, happy people…not a single sad face there.

For once you can stand in front of the crowd and feel their happiness. Or at least try to imitate them.

Fascinated by gentle behaviors and mystifying gestures, the song of wind and lovely vocalizations there stood a child. It seemed like nobody remarked him. He must have been like 5 or 6 years old – holding a big panda plushie in his arms and watching carefully the blessed Sakura rains.

He was sitting there like he was waiting for something to happen. After several minutes of reflecting that paralyzed state, he dropped the toy. His serious face, of an unnatural white contrast with his green shirt and pants turned into a forced smile, like some invisible hands were grabbing and pulling his cheeks up.

He made a few steps toward a bench where two schoolgirls were chatting and laughing. Seeing him, they stopped and seemed disturbed by his image.

– Ano…dai joubu… [Are you okay…silently said one of the girls]

The child kept on starring at them with that creepy smile. He raised his hand and instantly the heads of those two girl were chopped off. It was way too fast for others to see.  Panic struck the people from around only after seeing the amount of blood that sprung from the lifeless bodies.

The child was covered in fresh blood but it didn’t seem to bother him. He just walked and grabbed his stuffed toy…


excerpts from the Yukan Fuji coverage of the incident:

“The Southern Mijioka Park was the center of a terrorist act, early this morning. It seems like a detonation of a bomb, placed under a bench…two people died from this act…the event marked the people who gathered here to enjoy the splendid spring.

The efficiency of the bomb…left after grabbing his toy. The child disappeared but the authorities are looking for him…other witnesses offered details about a ghastly human being with long black hair covering it’s face…in front of the child after he mumbled to himself.

The behavior of the child was normal except the fact that he seemed to be holding hands with an imaginary friend…investigations continue while reports of the official autopsy tests are demanded.”

to be continued…

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