Black★Rock Heroes

[contains massive amounts of spoilers]

Parallel worlds in which everyone can become a hero…

Spirituality seen as part of fulfilling personal destiny…

Innocence that turns around when hatred installs…

Heroes were never born this way…they become what they accomplish.

If you saw Black★Rock Shooter [OVA produced by Studio Ordet after the song with the same name and using illustrations by Huke] that you already know the plot.

Kana Hanazawa is a junior highschool student, that is trying her best to make friends in the new environment. Her curiosity and the ability of “acting cute” brings her closer to Miyuki Sawashiro.

Always the quiet, calm and wise one – Miyuki becomes very quick attached to her new friend. From here, just a matter of time til the two of them will enjoy everything together.

Meanwhile, in a fantastical universe, The Black Rock Shooter who resembles to our Kana and the Dead Master which is an evil replica of Miyuki are battling.

There are no clues offered to lead us to some answers. We don’t know why they became enemies, what’s the purpose of the fight and more important who really are these characters.

As the OVA explains a bit later, because Kana made a new friend and the time spent with Miyuki has diminished, she will disappear. Our proven hero – the Black★Rock Shooter will save Miyuki.

Now, now – what’s the link between Kana and the Black★Rock Shooter? The answer is not clear but we see some sort of interaction between the two of them.

Like I said – heroes were never born this way therefore they become what they accomplish. Kana was attached to her friend and suffered because of the events. But her true feelings for Miyuki helped her become the one she was destined to be.

The OVA was the key for an up-coming RPG game with the same name.

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