Halloween Movies: Top 13 [part one]

With the Halloween coming up this weekend I realized I should start some articles regarding it. Here, in Romania we do not specifically celebrate this, even if we have some folklore involving those dark elements [Dracula, vampires, ghouls and other forms of the Undead].

We have the All Saints Day something similar to the Day of the Dead – when people remember their deceased ones – and they work on their graves – putting flowers and candles – saying prayers and remembering the period when they were alive.

As a Catholic I was raised to believe in a higher power – that there’s good and there’s evil. Of course I still go to church and I still have my believes – but I became fascinated by the dark side. So, in search for more info about it – I found myself into this crazy world of horror tales, movies and books. And trust me – it is quite interesting to see others and their perception upon evil.

That’s why – just like many others out there I’d like to propose a top of the movies that are welcome while celebrating Halloween.


13 – Stay Alive.

Why this movie? Because it has some local historical value throughout the plot. It’s a game – but not a regular game. If you die in the game – you die in reality too.

Stay Alive is set to the imaginary mansion of Elizabeth Bathory – who was a real personality – and as the folklore says – she did some nasty things. [An article about the Countess will be up soon]

Known as the blood Countess – she lived in the 15th century and she was a serial killer. The number of the victims is undetermined but speculations show that the number is approaching 600.

In the movie – she is the villain – trying to keep you away from her estate. In reality Elizabeth tortured and killed for blood bathing. She believe that blood could make her younger – even offering immortality.

Stay alive is a Halloween choice for the morbid atmosphere that the film presents. Join the characters through their horrifying adventure.

12 – Alien.

What would scare the shit out of you if not some blood-thirsty aliens.

A spaceship used for economical purposes receives a signal from a distant planet – apparently deserted.

Set on this primitive planet without any form of life-supporting environment but actually a good place for the creatures to hatch, the action is then continued to the spaceship where the adventuring crew has to confront the demons who managed to get in.

Alien is one of the best films I’ve seen – and every time I re-watch it – I’m still amazed.

Great action and great set of the story. The infernal battle just keeps the viewer’s mind occupied. A great choice for this celebration of the dark side.

[to be continued…]

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