Halloween Movies: Top 13 [part two]

Yes. The party can continue. We still have a lot to go. I was saying that this is a top of the best horror movies – guaranteed to make your Halloween more enjoyable.

11. 1408.

Good stories that people love to hear – tend to be more realistic.

When inspiration leaves your corner – you have to look for something to make you create amazing things. A ghost-story novelist is seeking for material for his next book.

So, informed by a secret person he finds out that there’s a haunted hotel room – which could provide very good artistic ideas.

So, our hero ends up confronting the dark forces that were raised there.

Scary but genial. A perfect movie to frighten your family.

10. Child’s Play.

I don’t think that there are persons who are not knowledgeable of the presence of Chucky.

Chucky is probably the main reason I started watching horror films. I encountered him when I was really young.

The movie is 22 years old – just like me.

I enjoyed it and appreciate the sensations this movie could offer me. As a young boy – of course I was scared and I still remember I had a vision about a doll moving around in my apartment 😐

Child’s Play is a good movie that teaches us not to fuck around with dolls. Recommended for a Happy Halloween.

9. Hostel II.

Tarantino’s Hostel movies were obscenely grotesque.

Hidden inside the lust and born from fear – the feeling of joy while inflicting pain upon others – is tasted by the villains of these movies.

I especially enjoyed the second part because of the good ideas of torture – some of them inspired by real medieval rumors.

We see the man at his best when destroying lives.

In order to survive you must offer them the same present – a cruel and merciless attitude. It is morbid but it can be fascinating. Don’t miss this one if you’re into a good celebration mood.

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