Dracula: Resurrection

I don’t know how many of you know about this little adventure game – but even if it’s not the best you’ll play – the gothic horror scenery is enjoyable.

Dracula: Resurrection isn’t a hard game – but with a few puzzles that are very easy and do not bring any struggle into the gameplay. Honestly – the game is too easy. Just a few puzzles but with lots of indications so that you cannot get stuck only if you aren’t paying attention to them, at all.

The story is also poor – as in nothing could attract you. You play as Jonathan Harker who must rescue Mina from Dracula’s castle.

After visiting some old tunnels and caves you end up at the castle. You must find clues about where Mina is and you also accomplish a few tasks for an old lady-magician who is seeking revenge against the Count.

In the end all you do is little stuff and watch sequences that are not quite filling up the story. But for those who seek some puzzles it’s good.

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