Halloween Movies: Top 13 [part three]

8. Dead Silence.

Possessed puppets are awesome and able to scare the shit out of everybody.

When a theater full of demon puppets starts to reveal its secrets – there will be lots of blood, terror and fear, mixed into a single story: Dead Silence.

The plot gets us to an angry spirit who managed to remain on this planet through some wooden dolls. The problem is that is you are scared when seeing one of the dolls and you scream – you die.

It is a perfect movie for the Halloween evening – with a great atmosphere and great characters.

So, try not to shout…

7. Jeepers Creepers.

Ohh – this was a must-mention on this list.

Jeepers Creepers – the story of the mysterious creature that appears only every 27 years to collect fresh meat.

Half man, half bat – this creature uses its victims flesh to gain power and strength. It also can replace damaged body-parts with ones from the victims.

Everyone fears it but til now, nobody had the courage to investigate its whereabouts.

In its nest – there are found  large groups of bodies – which is alarming.

But more creepy is that Jeepers Creepers song…hopefully you will only hear it in the movie…not coming out from your closet…

6. House of Wax.

If you enter this quiet town – you’ll see that most of the things around here are made out of wax.

This grotesque wax master house has more sinister secrets. You can see a lot of human-models but are they really made out of wax?

Join Elisha Cuthbert on this adventure to see that the citizens here were sometime ago alive…

Full of action and interesting ideas, the movie captures the struggle of survival into a hostile territory – where nobody can be trusted.

Just perfect for you while enjoying a piece of pumpkin pie.

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