Halloween Movies: Top 13 [part four]

5. Mirrors.

What do you see while catching a glimpse of yourself in the looking glass? Do you see the desperation in your eyes?

Do you see your fear, your temptation and your own inner weaknesses?

Because this mirrors could reflect your worst nightmares.

If you see yourself dying in the mirror – it’s probably going to happen in reality. Join our heroes into an adventure of discovering the essence of the killing mirrors.

They have the power to deform but spirituality can create a barrier against them.

Do you have what it takes…?

4. Silent Hill.

A deserted place with strange things going on. When a little girl has visions about this place – the only thing that could help you understand the mystery is to bring her here.

But this place is darker than you’ve imagined.

Unknown forces dwell in here – ready to destroy everything they encounter.

Inspired by the game with the same name – Silent Hill is a story of survival in a hostile teritorry. Unreal characters – people led by fanatic and sinister individuals – who would do anything to keep others under their influence.

A good motion picture for a gory celebration. Muhahaha…

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