Maggot [Dark Philosophy] [+18]

I need you to watch me. Watch carefully and learn. I’m only going to show you this once…

See that – it’s called a rotten corpse. Yeah I know – you are still unfamiliar with the smell – smell of Death and pain – it’s okay, just hang in there. See this – it is a wound – a deep one.

As you can see – the missing meat piece left a lovely place for us to invade. You are big now – you must feed yourself – hoping that you won’t end just like this little girl.

I heard she was quite cute when she was alive – but now – irreversible – her face is forced into a penumbra pose. Stiff, soulless – this body is our home now. We eat, sleep, fuck here – everything you want it’s here. Our brothers are here too.

I’ll tell you a secret now: she died beaten after being raped by her step-father. Interesting is that this son of a bitch is still free – but we had to act to add some sense to this whole story. So…after we eat this poor girl – we’ll pay him a visit.

See, the difference between us and the human hosts we grow up in are not that big…we are all maggots…squirming into flesh’s debts…tasting this gross destiny…

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