Barcode KANOJO

A new iPhone app is making 2D kanojo lovers go crazy. If you scan any EAN/UPC barcode, you can get your hands on this “virtual” anime girl and just like in “Love +” you can establish a certain relationship with her.

As far as I know, the app works with most of the universal product codes.

To get into the ecchiness of this, this kanojo isn’t able to speak your language, so you have to use your fingers [of course] to interact with parts of her body and to get her understand you.

Thing is that this app has a certain multiplayer side of it. You can collect other kanojos even if they are already scanned by someone else. You can steal them and complete your harem :))

Til now, from what I’ve observed there are over 25.000 kanojos generated everyday. So, tell me people, why do you love 2D so much?

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