Among Predators

Yup – this is not a review or a personal-perception article upon this movie but a elaboration of some things that make these film villains be something that will never cease to offer ideas of concocting a story.

’87 – Guatemala rain forest – first encounter.

This alien species was something new to the human race.

With the ability of sensing body heat, the ability of recreating sounds, a complex cloak that helps them become invisible, various types of weapons and incredible strength, the Predators were meant to hunt and kill.

You can call that a similarity to the main operation that combat squads engage into first, in a war-zone – search and destroy.

The problem is that these creatures have no remorse, they are up for terrorizing and mutilating without a reason. In real life, I heard of similar stories, I’ve seen materials of what people can do, what they are capable of and why there’s a reason stating that this world should come to an end.

Predators have a refined way of conquering the new habitat that they end up in. They quickly adapt to new environments, to new statistics. The movie showed us that they are intelligent creatures that are sensitive to essential enemy potentials.

Therefore, villains like these will never be properly defeated…

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