Aetatis Suae

I don’t have the proper words to describe those feelings but I can say that this image resembles to what I’ve been involved into. I got some free time and I explored my city a bit. Late November has installed and everything changed. Realizing that, I’ve managed to see myself as a totally different person.

Colors, autumn, joy and women – that’s what I’ve been researching lately 🙂

The city wears a uniform but not just a simple uniform. Every building, every tree, every street seems to have been locked in a body bag, without air, so their colors to dissipate, to fade away. Autumn it is beautiful but it looks like some sort of sickness – it’s like everything is in the final stage of cancer.

But I intend to enjoy the fresh air – wherever I can find it – the cold concrete under the emotionless sun and the visage of thousands of people who are looking to walk away from their problems.

I’ve seen photographers trying to immortalize the best aspects of autumn, children playing outside and among these I’ve seen life. Natural life, gorgeous life, simple life.

I guess I’ll enjoy this feeling again this weekend. I’ve been thinking about exploring some other places too, so I’m looking forward to that.

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