Gothic Doll House

What do you see when looking at this picture? Do you see just what your eyes perceive? Only the characters and the way the room was decorated? Or you see the hidden messages under every detail?

Did you observed the facial expressions of the dolls? They inspire tranquility, a feeling transferred from a lost time and space. I enjoy this picture just because of permitting to analyze and of course visualize a moment of existence – a moment from a faded era. All this Gothic feeling is taken to another level because of the depiction of the closed, almost sealed room in which the moon shines enter.

The paintings symbolize the concentration of life – precious enough to be immortalized. The clock symbolizes the perception upon time, the more you spend enjoying something, the more its durability increases.

The dolls have a meaning related to youth, to innocence but also can be regarded as a symbol of hidden materia – unclear and unstable. Being black and white, these elements are more relevant and more consistent.

But what makes this piece of art to be pleasant is the image of the moon. The natural element spreads a direct and conclusive meaning of the picture. It refers to a static sensation – it is there, it can be seen but it can be explained properly. That is what makes this picture mystifying in a Gothic matter.

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