Last Seen… [update]

Well folks, it is time again to speak about what I’ve seen lately.

Anime time is out of question right now. I’ve been busy with work and getting enough sleep so I didn’t watch anime at all these few past weeks. But I made myself time to enjoy some movies and some TV episodes.

I re-watched the first season of Prison Break – cuz I was missing something related to prisons and stuff.

I had the chance to go to the movies a couple of times. I went to Unstoppable – story of a train let loose and gaining speed while being on its way to an industrial city. This train must be stopped before it derails and provokes a big catastrophe.

The second movie I saw on the big screen was The Next Three Days – drama about a woman who is imprisoned and apparently is innocent. Her husband played by Russell Crowe makes up a plan of rescuing her and living a normal life again. It was very touching.

I also saw Predators – enjoying the beautiful planet populated by these killers.

Ghetto stories was a low-budget hip-hop filled film I find rather amusing than dramatic. I appreciate the efforts but Lil Boosie, Foxx and Weebie are better on stage singing, not acting.

Probably the movie I’ve been expecting since the beginning of the year was the final part of Saw – Saw VII.

With a new set of traps, with multiple victims and a surprise from Doctor Gordon [spoiler] who was still alive and was Jigsaw’s right hand [/spoiler] the movie offered me a great time. Now the game was really over.

I also watched The Countess – the existential drama of countess Bathory. A film similar to Tarantino’s Hostel – called Train crossed my path two weeks ago.

And for the list to be completed I have to add Seven Pounds in here. Tonight Imma relax and enjoy Paranormal Activity. Til next time – take care.

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