Hey..anyone there?

Sorry for being away from this blog these several days but I haven’t felt like writing anything at all, well I don’t feel like writing now either but…

So, how you’ve been doing? As for me, I’m very busy with work and shit plus that I began writing on my final paper [The values of the radio transmitted information] and I don’t know which way to continue.

I haven’t seen any anime at all. I haven’t played nothing but Counter Strike and Quake 2 lately [when I was in the mood]. I just saw some movies and then most of the times I was sleeping to regain my powers because [you know] I work.

I can’t wait for the Christmas to arrive to have some peaceful days and enjoy the holidays. Nothing else to say though…I just try to hang in there and be myself all the time. Sometimes life sucks, sometimes it’s cool – I have to move on all the time.

I just happen to have three free days [thank you Lord] so Imma be in here a few times to let you know that I’m still into what you search on this blog.

Best wishes to you all!

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