Yuri [Angel Beats] [PVC Fig.]

property of 1999.co.jp

property of 1999.co.jpGood Smile company came with this incredible PVC version of Yuri, the protagonist from the Angel Beats series.

The figure consists of numerous details that stay true to the original artwork.

The uniform, the gun, the other parts of the equipment and she looks younger and cuter than she was in the anime.

The producer was Sanzigen, manufactured by the good Smile Company.

Yuri is one of a kind. The story of Angel Beats set us into this afterlife universe where people tried to pass their existence and move on .

Yuri was angry with her fate so she decided to fight against God and her minions. The show is very good – you gotta check it out if you didn’t saw it.

The figure will hit the market April next year and she can be pre-ordered for 4.695 yens.

Alter presents: Dizzy

Figure expos seem to bring out for fans all that is best when talking to PVC depictions of anime/game characters.

Recently there’s been made public the newest sculpture of Dizzy [from the Guilty Gears series and with a special apparition in the Queen’s Gate artbooks collection].

And by the look of it – only one word comes into my mind right now – AMAZING.

Just look at the details – the outfit, the well-proportioned limbs and the two entities representing Good and Evil from which Dizzy gains power.

If you played Guilty Gears at least once, you probably know Dizzy can become your favorite character in just a few minutes. Speaking of which – I gotta play GGXX #Reloaded today, just for the sake of seeing Dizzy in action again 😀

Kosaka Kirino Wave Ver.

From the series “My Little Sister Cannot Be this Cute” for all moe-suckers, there’s been released the possibility of pre-ordering the figure.

Kosaka Kirino in a colorful bathing suit with interchangeable parts – well-proportioned, interesting facial expressions which stay true to the animated character and moeness all along.

The figure will hit the market in may 2011 and it can be pre-ordered on Hobby Search for 3230 yens.

Producer: Hokusho, manufactured by Wave.

H.O.T.D. manga full color

Next spring the Highschool of the Dead fans will be enjoying the release of a four-volume full color version of the original manga.

If you didn’t knew about this already, let me state that HOTD is one of the best manga series turned into an anime that hit the market this year.

Set in a violent zombie apocalypse environment, a few students take this as an opportunity of proving that you can still remain human in extreme conditions.

HOTD was also appreciated for the…uhhmm, female characters and the perverted side of getting things done.

But the zombie killing action was more than enough to gather thousands of fans. With nail-guns, katanas, bamboo sticks or elaborate rifles and shotguns, our heroes managed to survive in this hostile world.

The manga was great but a full color version will make it exceptional.

BRS OVA sequel

Well, if you watched Black Rock Shooter – the whole atmosphere offered by the story and the ending of it – made a proper announcement – there will be a second OVA. Now, it is official.

We’ll be able to see some more of Mato Kuroi and her liaison with the Black Rock Shooter.

As the first OVA presented us, one of the villains, the Dead Master who possessed Kuroi’s friend was beaten. But a new enemy appeared, who has a resemblance to another of Kuroi’s friends.

In the first one, I enjoyed especially the parts in which was described that alternative universe – very impressive depiction and good ideas of a unnatural fantastic land. I hope that the second OVA will be at least enjoyable as the first one.

Barcode KANOJO

A new iPhone app is making 2D kanojo lovers go crazy. If you scan any EAN/UPC barcode, you can get your hands on this “virtual” anime girl and just like in “Love +” you can establish a certain relationship with her.

As far as I know, the app works with most of the universal product codes.

To get into the ecchiness of this, this kanojo isn’t able to speak your language, so you have to use your fingers [of course] to interact with parts of her body and to get her understand you.

Thing is that this app has a certain multiplayer side of it. You can collect other kanojos even if they are already scanned by someone else. You can steal them and complete your harem :))

Til now, from what I’ve observed there are over 25.000 kanojos generated everyday. So, tell me people, why do you love 2D so much?

Queen’s Blade: Spiral Chaos

The Japanese media tends to trust hand-held devices – probably this is the main reason the consoles get attention – and more than that, most games are developed for these platforms.

It is the case of Queen’s Blade: Spiral Chaos – which looks like a promising RPG – with a bunch of developed stories – fighting modes and an armor-destroying system.

Inspired by the visual combat books and the later anime adaptation – Spiral Chaos follows strictly the story of the Queen’s Blade Universe.

In a world where’s terror, violence and social differences seem to be the key of judging others – everybody needs a ruler.

This is why they need a Queen who must be older than 12 – wise, beautiful and brave, powerful and fearless.

The Queen must be determined by battle – so we have a lot of warriors wanting to affirm themselves.

The official site –  PSP Queen’s Blade – has character info sheets for 20 of the girls used in the game. And you already know them from the artbooks and the anime series.

Being a RPG – the game lets you the pleasure to choose how to continue playing. You can explore a lot, bringing characters closer to each other. Strategy is a part of how you can win.

The armor destroying system – is what can be called a sexy battle mode – because by destroying clothes – other things can be revealed. This sounds so Queen’s Blade.

The game presents elements of visual novels – lots of dialogues due to the interaction of the combatants.

Being an RPG – you can develop your character – repair or buy items – you can use skill points – assuring your victory.

But in the end – the fun consists in expressing beauty. The QB series were meant to attract through the females presented in there. The game does the same.

The site also has some wallpapers if you are interested. Just follow the link – QB Illustrations – and enjoy.