Why Harry Potter VII isn’t Harry Potter anymore

I never considered myself a fan of the Harry Potter series and books, I’m not into magic at all and I didn’t play all the Harry Potter games. And here I am, talking about the latest Harry Potter movie which I had the chance to see today.

You probably wonder what’s with the title…well did you see Deathly Hallows? If you didn’t just hurry up and hit the cinema. If you did see it, read carefully. You could end up having the same ideas as me.

First of all, if a story is told in more than one movie, here intervenes the inevitable character evolution.

You just have to realize that everything about these characters has changed, from heroes to villains and backwards.

And it’s not only the thing that they’ve grown up and are more sensitive to the surrounding world. Friendships are meant to last but they can be unstable when doubt and other effects of the dark side come into play. Especially when a girl is involved [spoiler – the case of Harry and Ron for example].

Why Harry Potter ain’t Harry Potter no more? Well the answer is quite simple. The previous movies didn’t offer the audience a big percentage of dramatism like this one did.

And I’m not referring only to the death of some characters but also to the struggle of them as a whole in order to keep Voldemort and his minions away. From pain and suffering you shall receive eternal gratitude.

It may be a fantasy tale but it is close to our reality…[the scene when Harry and Hermione are left alone after Ron decides to leave the group having his mind darkened – Harry tries to bring a little joy into Hermione’s mind by inviting her to dance – I’ve seen that many times and I understood that even in shady times you can catch a glimpse of the sunshine].

So, with so much changed elements you can’t say this movie ain’t good – it’s probably better than the previous three. And the whole story of the Deathly Hallows is a good one. Besides that we must thank the director, David Yates for creating a masterpiece.

Itasha: Need For Speed Anime

Weird Japan is back. I heard of a new hobby that attracts young people who have a passion for moe.

Itasha. The meaning of this concept is not related to the NFS series but could inspire future releases.

Itasha brings what’s best from anime and cars. It is a combination of these two – people want to create a perfect image of their cars by using anime female characters to decorate them.

In the example here we have a Lucky Star fan [probably].

Just imagine having a car pimped out with stickers from your favorite series.

Personally – if would own a car and could have it like this – Elfen Lied would be my choice of showing off. If you got inspired you could see the other pictures here.

Nintendo 3DS Official Release Date

I told you that tabloids only fuck-up your mind and give wrong information – all when I stated the Nintendo 3DS launch date that has leaked.

After an official press-event, the japanese producers and developers offered the REAL release date.

The console is expected to hit the Japanese market on 26 February 2011 – next year homies.

In Europe and the United States the device will be available starting with March.

Among the games that were developed for 3DS – Resident Evil: Revelations, Mega Man, Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda and [believe it or not] Love Plus.

Almost all the attractive Nintendo titles now have a 3DS version.

Death Note Murder: Case Closed

Way back in 2007, in a public park [Duden Park] from Belgium, some citizens found body parts and blood. After the police was alerted and the investigation began, they discovered a note showing a strange message: “Watashi wa Kira desu” – “I Am Kira” – well-known character from the Death Note series.

Now, the murderers were found. Three of them were implicated directly in the murder and one was charged with failing to provide assistance to the victim.

The murderers were fans of the popular anime and manga – Death Note – fucked-up individuals who saw in this show something they could re-create in real life.

So, they dismembered the victim and abandoned the parts of his body.

This is why if you are a fucking RETARD just leave violent media for others who know that what’s represented there it’s just an illusion, an artistic expression of fear, anger and desperation.

I’m sorry for the guy who got chopped up.

Alodia Gosiengfiao

Danny Choo’s first episode of Culture Japan is now on Youtube – for those who didn’t had the chance to see it. And among the stars featured there is a sweet little cosplayer from the Philippines.

She is Alodia Gosiengfiao – she is 22 [born in March 1988]. She has a passion for Ironman – and besides that she is a gamer/cosplayer/model/anime fan/artist and pianist. She is interested in almost everything related to art.

Her success began in 2003 when she won the C3 Convention – when she wore a Final Fantasy X-2 costume. Since then she really made a career out of modeling. Because of her popularity and choice of passion – she is now one of the most influential women in the Philippines. I totally agree with that – mostly because of her way of life. She lives for her passion – and that is respectable.

You can follow her on Twitter or be a fan on Facebook. Also you can hit her official site for more cosplaying goodness. I used some of her pictures to create this slideshow. So all the pictures belong to their respective owners.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

About Culture: Japan – more details to be revealed soon.

International Saimoe League

As you probably know – The International Saimoe League it’s a competition organized in order to find out who is the public’s number 1 moe anime female character.

The competition has a very large structure with different voting sessions and a series of rules. You can vote for free – no account is needed. The thing you can obtain by doing this is that you can help you favourite character to come closer to the title of winner.

I haven’t get the chance to vote too much this year – but right now I’m on helping my two characters to gain points.

The next session [Ruby Period – Round 4] is approaching so here’s a sample of my next voting action.

Minami Chiaki
Furude Rika
(Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)

Moehaku 2010

Moehaku 2010 edition brought into attention lots of car and motorcycles designs, but to be honest, that wasn’t the main attraction.

Beside the car-show there were lots of cosplayers that became [NICE and slowly] the main reason for being there.

Like somebody said, maybe, most of the visitors/photographers, were there for this hot cosplayers that gave the opportunity of seeing new real-life characters.

Don’t tell me you still prefer that motorcycle even after seeing that Melona-doll.

Such amazing…skills. This type of event it’s a great opportunity to start your photographer career. I mean, all these cosplayers – while you’re engaged with them on a photo session – they offer you exactly what you’re asking for them.

That if you’re not a scared bitch and block when seeing them. It’s not just one time when I read that someone became shy when seeing a cosplayer and couldn’t ask for various poses. Damn…and I don’t know how to do to get into a cosplay show…