DOOM 3: Thoughthrough [part 1]

Well, sometimes I just can’t get enough of some games. Obviously Doom 3 hits the spot. Why this love for a single game? Well, because it is awesome as it is and it’s not the fact of continuing a great sensation that started with the classical shooter. Nope, Doom 3 is something different and I’m going to explain this loud and clear.

– Doom as a story is containing several interesting parts. You take one organization that has available options for people who are motivated to cross the moral barriers, for money or for the love of science. If I would be there, knowledge would be the reason of my actions.

– From the beginning, we can see how developed the scientific site is. UAC has unlimited funds as stated in the game, so the people in higher places provided everything.

– The conflict is almost revealed when the counselor and Sarge enter the facility. Amazing things will happen soon, Betruger says.

– The Personal Data Assistant [PDA] is the most useful device conceived for the game. You can access information that helps you understand the situation you’re in. It can provide data about security codes and other things that require your attention.

– Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 – that’s my kind of game :)) you can see the similarities between Doom and this playable mini game.

– The great thing about escorts is that you can get aid in confronting imps, zombies or whatever comes your way. And you cannot get lost.

– When things get dark, things get messy. And as an optional treat, these scenes are meant to scare the shit out of you. Boo!

Alter presents: Dizzy

Figure expos seem to bring out for fans all that is best when talking to PVC depictions of anime/game characters.

Recently there’s been made public the newest sculpture of Dizzy [from the Guilty Gears series and with a special apparition in the Queen’s Gate artbooks collection].

And by the look of it – only one word comes into my mind right now – AMAZING.

Just look at the details – the outfit, the well-proportioned limbs and the two entities representing Good and Evil from which Dizzy gains power.

If you played Guilty Gears at least once, you probably know Dizzy can become your favorite character in just a few minutes. Speaking of which – I gotta play GGXX #Reloaded today, just for the sake of seeing Dizzy in action again 😀

Queen’s Blade: Spiral Chaos

The Japanese media tends to trust hand-held devices – probably this is the main reason the consoles get attention – and more than that, most games are developed for these platforms.

It is the case of Queen’s Blade: Spiral Chaos – which looks like a promising RPG – with a bunch of developed stories – fighting modes and an armor-destroying system.

Inspired by the visual combat books and the later anime adaptation – Spiral Chaos follows strictly the story of the Queen’s Blade Universe.

In a world where’s terror, violence and social differences seem to be the key of judging others – everybody needs a ruler.

This is why they need a Queen who must be older than 12 – wise, beautiful and brave, powerful and fearless.

The Queen must be determined by battle – so we have a lot of warriors wanting to affirm themselves.

The official site –  PSP Queen’s Blade – has character info sheets for 20 of the girls used in the game. And you already know them from the artbooks and the anime series.

Being a RPG – the game lets you the pleasure to choose how to continue playing. You can explore a lot, bringing characters closer to each other. Strategy is a part of how you can win.

The armor destroying system – is what can be called a sexy battle mode – because by destroying clothes – other things can be revealed. This sounds so Queen’s Blade.

The game presents elements of visual novels – lots of dialogues due to the interaction of the combatants.

Being an RPG – you can develop your character – repair or buy items – you can use skill points – assuring your victory.

But in the end – the fun consists in expressing beauty. The QB series were meant to attract through the females presented in there. The game does the same.

The site also has some wallpapers if you are interested. Just follow the link – QB Illustrations – and enjoy.

Dracula: Resurrection

I don’t know how many of you know about this little adventure game – but even if it’s not the best you’ll play – the gothic horror scenery is enjoyable.

Dracula: Resurrection isn’t a hard game – but with a few puzzles that are very easy and do not bring any struggle into the gameplay. Honestly – the game is too easy. Just a few puzzles but with lots of indications so that you cannot get stuck only if you aren’t paying attention to them, at all.

The story is also poor – as in nothing could attract you. You play as Jonathan Harker who must rescue Mina from Dracula’s castle.

After visiting some old tunnels and caves you end up at the castle. You must find clues about where Mina is and you also accomplish a few tasks for an old lady-magician who is seeking revenge against the Count.

In the end all you do is little stuff and watch sequences that are not quite filling up the story. But for those who seek some puzzles it’s good.


This 27 levels brain teaser it’s just perfect if you want to solve a few puzzles that connect your thinking with the virtual gravity perception.

You can play it for free here.

Platformation is what I call a perfect evening – mind game.

It’s pretty easy if you pay a little attention to the environment.

You cannot get stuck on many levels but only one demands extra skills – level 24 I think. This level demands quick reflexes if you want to avoid the spikes.

But it’s pretty easy and fun – Platformation was developed by 4Horsemen Studios.

Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2

With lots of improvements and new characters to choose from, DB RB 2 seems to be one hell of a fighting game produced for the XBox 360.

With a new fighting system and interesting modes, Raging Blast 2 will increase the number of hours of fun. Air movement is improved, bonus points offered for special attacks and strategy actions – and you can use these bonus points to customize the character you are fighting with.

The weather in every map can be challenging from what I’ve heard.


(C) Badosutajio / Shueisha Fuji TV Toei Animation (C)2010 NBGI (C) 2010 NBGI


Characters new to the Raging Blast series will be, among others: Ultimate Gohan, Saibamen, Cell Junior, Android 13 and Mecha Frieza.

With lots of action, destructible environments and the possibility of increasing your combat skills to the ultimate level – Raging Blast 2 will hit the market this November.

TLJ: Arcadia

The series of articles regarding TLJ continues.

Today we take a look at what could be the most exciting universe created for an adventure game. Arcadia, the sister-world of Stark, is in TLJ, a magical universe, full of mysterious and also vicious creatures, a land of promises and where art, spirit and belief are brought together.

To get here, you must have magical powers as a Shifter. Only this one can open up the portal between these two worlds. April Ryan [the main character from TLJ] doesn’t know how to use her powers but she has a certain amount of faith, which helps her reaching her destination [April’s faith will be discussed in a future TLJ article].

Information regarding the ancients inhabitants, mystic rituals, regarding the dragons and the purpose of the living can be found here. A land of peace and prosperity, with multiple faces and all sorts of people. Once you get in here, you could be amazed by what the Divide could generate. [The Divide was the split of these two sister-worlds, which were once united].

The cities and the natural landscapes, the cultures and the fight for survival, the good people and the villains existing in here, all are parts of a great world, mystifying and gorgeous.

Some shots depicting Arcadia are presented in the video below. Enjoy!