Queen’s Blade: Spiral Chaos

The Japanese media tends to trust hand-held devices – probably this is the main reason the consoles get attention – and more than that, most games are developed for these platforms.

It is the case of Queen’s Blade: Spiral Chaos – which looks like a promising RPG – with a bunch of developed stories – fighting modes and an armor-destroying system.

Inspired by the visual combat books and the later anime adaptation – Spiral Chaos follows strictly the story of the Queen’s Blade Universe.

In a world where’s terror, violence and social differences seem to be the key of judging others – everybody needs a ruler.

This is why they need a Queen who must be older than 12 – wise, beautiful and brave, powerful and fearless.

The Queen must be determined by battle – so we have a lot of warriors wanting to affirm themselves.

The official site –  PSP Queen’s Blade – has character info sheets for 20 of the girls used in the game. And you already know them from the artbooks and the anime series.

Being a RPG – the game lets you the pleasure to choose how to continue playing. You can explore a lot, bringing characters closer to each other. Strategy is a part of how you can win.

The armor destroying system – is what can be called a sexy battle mode – because by destroying clothes – other things can be revealed. This sounds so Queen’s Blade.

The game presents elements of visual novels – lots of dialogues due to the interaction of the combatants.

Being an RPG – you can develop your character – repair or buy items – you can use skill points – assuring your victory.

But in the end – the fun consists in expressing beauty. The QB series were meant to attract through the females presented in there. The game does the same.

The site also has some wallpapers if you are interested. Just follow the link – QB Illustrations – and enjoy.

Moe Day [part 1]

People from all around the world! Get ready for a party…because…this day…10.10.2010 it is the official MOE DAY!!

Japanese culture can impress you when it comes about explaining enjoying the little things. They tend to celebrate the most inexpressive things but which are useful and simple. We have celebrated different festivals related to different things. But now, it’s time to dedicate ourselves to the cutest and sweetest and the most beautiful things that exist: all that the moe phenomenon contains.

Now, an ample definition of this idiom would tell you that it’s a cliche when talking about anime/video-games female characters.

As you can see above all that is cute and apparently innocent it’s moe.

But this concept it’s not related only to the physical aspect of a character. The capacity of creating good impressions by acting “cute” in someone’s presence is also moe. If you saw “K-On” you know that the entire show goes like “moe, moe – kyun”. Cuteness overload. Perfect expression for describing what that show offers.

And it’s not the only one. And still, I have one question. Why do we have to celebrate moe again, when we already are celebrating it, with every show that we watch? The answer depends on what you feel when watching something. If you’re absorbed into it, you probably are involved in a fixed session of cherishing the plot, the characters, the messages..and honestly I’ve been through that.

Anyway, for those who really are into MOE, what can I say – enjoy it while it lasts 😀

[part two coming soon]

Alodia Gosiengfiao

Danny Choo’s first episode of Culture Japan is now on Youtube – for those who didn’t had the chance to see it. And among the stars featured there is a sweet little cosplayer from the Philippines.

She is Alodia Gosiengfiao – she is 22 [born in March 1988]. She has a passion for Ironman – and besides that she is a gamer/cosplayer/model/anime fan/artist and pianist. She is interested in almost everything related to art.

Her success began in 2003 when she won the C3 Convention – when she wore a Final Fantasy X-2 costume. Since then she really made a career out of modeling. Because of her popularity and choice of passion – she is now one of the most influential women in the Philippines. I totally agree with that – mostly because of her way of life. She lives for her passion – and that is respectable.

You can follow her on Twitter or be a fan on Facebook. Also you can hit her official site for more cosplaying goodness. I used some of her pictures to create this slideshow. So all the pictures belong to their respective owners.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

About Culture: Japan – more details to be revealed soon.

Graduation: Angel Beats

I don’t think I saw a show with a deeper message than Angel Beats, trust me. I always wait for an on-going show to be complete before I watch it – but now I see what I’ve missed. Angel Beats is definitely one of my favorites shows now.

The story of lost souls interacts with their deepest desires to regain what they’ve been missing.

Placed in the afterlife, the action presents us a series of characters who quickly learn where they are and what they must do. Being dead at a very young age is a motive to be angry with God. So under the leading powers of Yurippe (photo left) they create an organization to fight against God and against Angel [Kanade/Tenshi].

This rage is fueled by Tenshi’s counter-attacks. After seeing the show I understood that Kanade knew the truth from the beginning – so she had to fight involuntarily.

Every episode has a message to offer. Staying true to your human nature by helping others is probably the most important thing I’ve learned from this show.

The characters have regrets and they tend to misuse their time in this new world. They know about the fact of disappearing but not the truth behind it.

So, after long and useless fights with Kanade, one of them will regain his memories and finally learn what’s his purpose…because everyone has a purpose, everyone has something to do in order to help the normal run of the world to stay intact.

Disappearing is not a bad thing. It can be associated with many things – good ones.

If one person didn’t manage to do something in her life, another chance might be given to her. If she wants to accomplish something, she will succeed, therefore she’ll disappear.

Stating the same thing in another expression – she will move on – she will not be lost anymore.

The need of love, understanding each other, making connections, trying the team work and therefore stating real personal feelings – in one word – friendship, that’s what makes our heroes to keep on going.

Because they are devoted to their cause, they’ll be able to overcome any obstacle and to graduate. When they do that – they souls are overwhelmed again by freedom – by a pure feeling of accomplishment.

They are who they were supposed to be…

All Eyes On: Maid Cafes

Here’s the deal. You’re looking for a nice hot cup of coffee and some really delicious snack.

You know this place that has now several years behind and people only talk good things about it.

But that’s not all of it. You know that once you get there, a beautiful world will open to you. You will have to enjoy every moment of staying there. Why? You still ask why after you chose to enter a maid cafe?

Yes, maid cafes, a place where every otaku feels like in paradise.

A warm welcome, a cute face and a great outfit are just here to make you feel important. Associated with the moe phenomenon, maid cafes are the best choice when you want to enjoy your favorite type of coffee.

There are different types of maid cafes: where besides enjoying a hot drink you can play different games, get into more social actions, know many types of maids (like the tsun-dere) who will not make you feel better for your choice.

But that is an isolated example. Those beautiful women dressed as maids must treat the guest with respect, to treat him like an honored guest. The high quality of the products and services come hand in hand. But obviously the beautiful scenery of maids makes this experience priceless.

Hapee B’Day!

Well it seems that I made some time to write something while celebrating 1 year of JapFun. [even if I’m so terribly busy with work and shit]

And what’s greater than celebrating with alcohol…regular one…it is…….MOE ALCOHOL!

That it’s right. Be driven to your inner craziness by tasting and drinking and then abusing this anime inspired potion.

picture property of akibamap.info

I could use some of that right now – trust me – it’s been awhile since I last drank something and man – I’m in need!

So, being my blog’s celebration and all I promise to drink – tomorrow after I’m done with work!! UUUUuuuhh! I can’t wait…I can’t wait :))

Moe Club: Ako-Riko-senpai

You maybe heard about and seen KissxSis – a show in which the main female protagonists have something called a “brother complex”. Today I’ll talk about how moe that is and why this phenomenon has been applied to the show.

The story centers around Kei-chan and his sisters. Their relationship is depicted as being very, very close. They are not blood-related so they get involved in different, more intimate things. Just another way of proving that this show is 100% japanese.

The ecchi concentration is fortunately diminished by the romance elements that make the show more interesting and pleasant to watch.

So…why moe? Well in the construction of the characters, besides the visual aspect we can observe how cute they have to act. Doing everything for their brother – trying to achieve his feelings and constantly fighting for a place in his heart it’s something that the moe phenomenon is based upon.

Constantly cuteness and a lovey-dovey atmosphere – Kiss X Sis has earned a place in the Moe Club.