Why Harry Potter VII isn’t Harry Potter anymore

I never considered myself a fan of the Harry Potter series and books, I’m not into magic at all and I didn’t play all the Harry Potter games. And here I am, talking about the latest Harry Potter movie which I had the chance to see today.

You probably wonder what’s with the title…well did you see Deathly Hallows? If you didn’t just hurry up and hit the cinema. If you did see it, read carefully. You could end up having the same ideas as me.

First of all, if a story is told in more than one movie, here intervenes the inevitable character evolution.

You just have to realize that everything about these characters has changed, from heroes to villains and backwards.

And it’s not only the thing that they’ve grown up and are more sensitive to the surrounding world. Friendships are meant to last but they can be unstable when doubt and other effects of the dark side come into play. Especially when a girl is involved [spoiler – the case of Harry and Ron for example].

Why Harry Potter ain’t Harry Potter no more? Well the answer is quite simple. The previous movies didn’t offer the audience a big percentage of dramatism like this one did.

And I’m not referring only to the death of some characters but also to the struggle of them as a whole in order to keep Voldemort and his minions away. From pain and suffering you shall receive eternal gratitude.

It may be a fantasy tale but it is close to our reality…[the scene when Harry and Hermione are left alone after Ron decides to leave the group having his mind darkened – Harry tries to bring a little joy into Hermione’s mind by inviting her to dance – I’ve seen that many times and I understood that even in shady times you can catch a glimpse of the sunshine].

So, with so much changed elements you can’t say this movie ain’t good – it’s probably better than the previous three. And the whole story of the Deathly Hallows is a good one. Besides that we must thank the director, David Yates for creating a masterpiece.

Last Seen… [update]

Well folks, it is time again to speak about what I’ve seen lately.

Anime time is out of question right now. I’ve been busy with work and getting enough sleep so I didn’t watch anime at all these few past weeks. But I made myself time to enjoy some movies and some TV episodes.

I re-watched the first season of Prison Break – cuz I was missing something related to prisons and stuff.

I had the chance to go to the movies a couple of times. I went to Unstoppable – story of a train let loose and gaining speed while being on its way to an industrial city. This train must be stopped before it derails and provokes a big catastrophe.

The second movie I saw on the big screen was The Next Three Days – drama about a woman who is imprisoned and apparently is innocent. Her husband played by Russell Crowe makes up a plan of rescuing her and living a normal life again. It was very touching.

I also saw Predators – enjoying the beautiful planet populated by these killers.

Ghetto stories was a low-budget hip-hop filled film I find rather amusing than dramatic. I appreciate the efforts but Lil Boosie, Foxx and Weebie are better on stage singing, not acting.

Probably the movie I’ve been expecting since the beginning of the year was the final part of Saw – Saw VII.

With a new set of traps, with multiple victims and a surprise from Doctor Gordon [spoiler] who was still alive and was Jigsaw’s right hand [/spoiler] the movie offered me a great time. Now the game was really over.

I also watched The Countess – the existential drama of countess Bathory. A film similar to Tarantino’s Hostel – called Train crossed my path two weeks ago.

And for the list to be completed I have to add Seven Pounds in here. Tonight Imma relax and enjoy Paranormal Activity. Til next time – take care.

Halloween Movies: Top 13 [part three]

8. Dead Silence.

Possessed puppets are awesome and able to scare the shit out of everybody.

When a theater full of demon puppets starts to reveal its secrets – there will be lots of blood, terror and fear, mixed into a single story: Dead Silence.

The plot gets us to an angry spirit who managed to remain on this planet through some wooden dolls. The problem is that is you are scared when seeing one of the dolls and you scream – you die.

It is a perfect movie for the Halloween evening – with a great atmosphere and great characters.

So, try not to shout…

7. Jeepers Creepers.

Ohh – this was a must-mention on this list.

Jeepers Creepers – the story of the mysterious creature that appears only every 27 years to collect fresh meat.

Half man, half bat – this creature uses its victims flesh to gain power and strength. It also can replace damaged body-parts with ones from the victims.

Everyone fears it but til now, nobody had the courage to investigate its whereabouts.

In its nest – there are found  large groups of bodies – which is alarming.

But more creepy is that Jeepers Creepers song…hopefully you will only hear it in the movie…not coming out from your closet…

6. House of Wax.

If you enter this quiet town – you’ll see that most of the things around here are made out of wax.

This grotesque wax master house has more sinister secrets. You can see a lot of human-models but are they really made out of wax?

Join Elisha Cuthbert on this adventure to see that the citizens here were sometime ago alive…

Full of action and interesting ideas, the movie captures the struggle of survival into a hostile territory – where nobody can be trusted.

Just perfect for you while enjoying a piece of pumpkin pie.

Halloween Movies: Top 13 [part two]

Yes. The party can continue. We still have a lot to go. I was saying that this is a top of the best horror movies – guaranteed to make your Halloween more enjoyable.

11. 1408.

Good stories that people love to hear – tend to be more realistic.

When inspiration leaves your corner – you have to look for something to make you create amazing things. A ghost-story novelist is seeking for material for his next book.

So, informed by a secret person he finds out that there’s a haunted hotel room – which could provide very good artistic ideas.

So, our hero ends up confronting the dark forces that were raised there.

Scary but genial. A perfect movie to frighten your family.

10. Child’s Play.

I don’t think that there are persons who are not knowledgeable of the presence of Chucky.

Chucky is probably the main reason I started watching horror films. I encountered him when I was really young.

The movie is 22 years old – just like me.

I enjoyed it and appreciate the sensations this movie could offer me. As a young boy – of course I was scared and I still remember I had a vision about a doll moving around in my apartment 😐

Child’s Play is a good movie that teaches us not to fuck around with dolls. Recommended for a Happy Halloween.

9. Hostel II.

Tarantino’s Hostel movies were obscenely grotesque.

Hidden inside the lust and born from fear – the feeling of joy while inflicting pain upon others – is tasted by the villains of these movies.

I especially enjoyed the second part because of the good ideas of torture – some of them inspired by real medieval rumors.

We see the man at his best when destroying lives.

In order to survive you must offer them the same present – a cruel and merciless attitude. It is morbid but it can be fascinating. Don’t miss this one if you’re into a good celebration mood.

Halloween Movies: Top 13 [part one]

With the Halloween coming up this weekend I realized I should start some articles regarding it. Here, in Romania we do not specifically celebrate this, even if we have some folklore involving those dark elements [Dracula, vampires, ghouls and other forms of the Undead].

We have the All Saints Day something similar to the Day of the Dead – when people remember their deceased ones – and they work on their graves – putting flowers and candles – saying prayers and remembering the period when they were alive.

As a Catholic I was raised to believe in a higher power – that there’s good and there’s evil. Of course I still go to church and I still have my believes – but I became fascinated by the dark side. So, in search for more info about it – I found myself into this crazy world of horror tales, movies and books. And trust me – it is quite interesting to see others and their perception upon evil.

That’s why – just like many others out there I’d like to propose a top of the movies that are welcome while celebrating Halloween.


13 – Stay Alive.

Why this movie? Because it has some local historical value throughout the plot. It’s a game – but not a regular game. If you die in the game – you die in reality too.

Stay Alive is set to the imaginary mansion of Elizabeth Bathory – who was a real personality – and as the folklore says – she did some nasty things. [An article about the Countess will be up soon]

Known as the blood Countess – she lived in the 15th century and she was a serial killer. The number of the victims is undetermined but speculations show that the number is approaching 600.

In the movie – she is the villain – trying to keep you away from her estate. In reality Elizabeth tortured and killed for blood bathing. She believe that blood could make her younger – even offering immortality.

Stay alive is a Halloween choice for the morbid atmosphere that the film presents. Join the characters through their horrifying adventure.

12 – Alien.

What would scare the shit out of you if not some blood-thirsty aliens.

A spaceship used for economical purposes receives a signal from a distant planet – apparently deserted.

Set on this primitive planet without any form of life-supporting environment but actually a good place for the creatures to hatch, the action is then continued to the spaceship where the adventuring crew has to confront the demons who managed to get in.

Alien is one of the best films I’ve seen – and every time I re-watch it – I’m still amazed.

Great action and great set of the story. The infernal battle just keeps the viewer’s mind occupied. A great choice for this celebration of the dark side.

[to be continued…]

Three Extremes – perceptions

This is like one of the best j-horror films I’ve watched. Three intriguing and mind-freaking motion pictures collected under a suggestive title – extremes.

Of course they are not that sadistic you think they are – but are three original stories and what’s best – they can create a very creepy atmosphere.

The first short film is called “Box”. A creepy tale of two ballerina sisters that perceive the afection of their tutor in different ways.

This difference makes one of them go berserk and get the other one killed in a fire. Now – the ghost of the dead girl is constantly following her.

And the ballerina dance part is the creepiest scene of the film 😐

Next one is “Dumplings”. Do you have what it takes to eat dumplings consisting recently aborted fetuses? Yuck..motherfuck…

The last part “Cut” is about a psycho that ends up mutilating a woman in front of her husband by taking off her fingers one by one. This is something that goes more like a dark comedy – since it’s related to directors and actors. But still, the tendencies of reflecting mind-disturbances makes this a great motion picture.

Three Extremes is a cross-cultural collection, being represented by Japan, China and South Korea – in a way of putting story into vivid colors and onto the big screen.

Great characters tend to explain their potentials and existential lacks.

Under The Hawthorn Tree – Review

In the period of Cultural Revolution in China [60s-70s] life would much depend on the economical virtues. Families would be banished because of the political point of views, the communism would teach people to fear the superiors and the young population would have to struggle to built their future.

With her dad being held in a political prison and her mother being sick, Jing has to endures a lot til she accomplishes the goal of becoming a teacher. Things get complicated after she takes a trip to the countryside to get experience for elaborating an essay regarding the Communist values of their country. She gets familiar with the Hawthorn Tree and its legends – and based on this story she will begin writing propaganda essays.

The one who enjoys her artistic side is Sun, a member of the local geological unit. Romance is like two seconds away.

The months that follow – Sun is watching over Jing who has to return to the city, in order to fulfill her duties. The two of them are from very different economical backgrounds – so Sun helps her with anything he can.

Being in love means also neglecting things – so Jing’s mother finally finds out about their relationship. The romantic story becomes a drama when these two young lovers have to stay away from each other because of the political and social conflicts that could be generated.

The sad ending is inevitable after Jing has knowledge of Sun having leukemia. A beautiful story with a tragic end. Does someone deserve this? I think you know the answer.

Under The Hawthorn Tree is the best Chinese drama I’ve seen this year. Recommended for both its cultural and romantic side.