BRS OVA sequel

Well, if you watched Black Rock Shooter – the whole atmosphere offered by the story and the ending of it – made a proper announcement – there will be a second OVA. Now, it is official.

We’ll be able to see some more of Mato Kuroi and her liaison with the Black Rock Shooter.

As the first OVA presented us, one of the villains, the Dead Master who possessed Kuroi’s friend was beaten. But a new enemy appeared, who has a resemblance to another of Kuroi’s friends.

In the first one, I enjoyed especially the parts in which was described that alternative universe – very impressive depiction and good ideas of a unnatural fantastic land. I hope that the second OVA will be at least enjoyable as the first one.

Barcode KANOJO

A new iPhone app is making 2D kanojo lovers go crazy. If you scan any EAN/UPC barcode, you can get your hands on this “virtual” anime girl and just like in “Love +” you can establish a certain relationship with her.

As far as I know, the app works with most of the universal product codes.

To get into the ecchiness of this, this kanojo isn’t able to speak your language, so you have to use your fingers [of course] to interact with parts of her body and to get her understand you.

Thing is that this app has a certain multiplayer side of it. You can collect other kanojos even if they are already scanned by someone else. You can steal them and complete your harem :))

Til now, from what I’ve observed there are over 25.000 kanojos generated everyday. So, tell me people, why do you love 2D so much?

Playstation Phone

Rumors were true. Sony PlayStation came after all with this new console that resembles a cellphone.

With 512MB of Ram, 1 GB of ROM, a multitouch screen and a soft allowing you to download games – the PlayStation phone is perfect for travels.

The phone supports MicroSD cards and it’s not a PSP2 but rather an experiment of creating a Sony Ericsson with a PSP interface.

The release date it’s not fixed yet – but probably later in this winter or early spring the device can be purchased.

Pokemon Center to be opened in Osaka

Great news for Pokemon fans out there. On November 26, a Pokemon Center will be opened in Osaka, briging the joys of pocket monsters closer to the real world.

This will be the largest Pokemon Center [having about 830 square meters].

More that 2,500 types of pokemon merchandise will be presented – and TCG [trading card games] will be held for those interested.

Just imagine every type of pokemon in one place – a great chance for collectors and not only to enter this fantastical world.

I started watching Pokemon when I was like 11 or 12 and I remember being fascinated by the series. I was waiting for every new episode to be aired. And still I never saw all the seasons.

Arrested for Uploading Anime

Well, piracy it’s still illegal, if you ask most of the people.

Recently, a women aged 42 was apprehended for uploading on a FS [file-sharing] network episodes from Mitsudomoe and other titles.

Piracy is considered to be a crime by law and it reduces the value of the released products. Japanese authorities are not friendly when it comes to talk about violating public interest and copyright.

I’m sure that even if they say that the users of that FS system can hide their info, the police can easily hack, decrypt infos and track down users – just like this case. She will be punished accordingly, only because she was not aware of what she was doing.

They say that you cannot live from making anime [artists are very poor-paid] and if nobody buys the product, companies start to fall apart. This year a lot of companies broke-down or fusioned with others just to remain on track.

I know money is an issue here, but if you can, just buy the DVDs. It feels great to have the originals.

Death Note Murder: Case Closed

Way back in 2007, in a public park [Duden Park] from Belgium, some citizens found body parts and blood. After the police was alerted and the investigation began, they discovered a note showing a strange message: “Watashi wa Kira desu” – “I Am Kira” – well-known character from the Death Note series.

Now, the murderers were found. Three of them were implicated directly in the murder and one was charged with failing to provide assistance to the victim.

The murderers were fans of the popular anime and manga – Death Note – fucked-up individuals who saw in this show something they could re-create in real life.

So, they dismembered the victim and abandoned the parts of his body.

This is why if you are a fucking RETARD just leave violent media for others who know that what’s represented there it’s just an illusion, an artistic expression of fear, anger and desperation.

I’m sorry for the guy who got chopped up.

3D Porn – LOLWUT??

Wussup bitches..been awhile since my last post. I’ve been busy doing shit like that and other – but I’m still here, alive and well đŸ˜›

So, crazy title ain’t it?

I think you already heard about this.

After the 3D experience in movie theaters all over the world this idea began to be more and more often found in media creators’ minds.

Sony said that this thing could revolutionize the PS3. The people from XBox thought that games should be more interesting viewed in 3D.

After the 3D tv’s and pirated movies – it’s time for some of you [I’ll never get the chance] to see porn movies in 3D.

So, what’s tha big deal with watching people who fuck each other hard and nasty in 3D?

What’s the deal with girls showing what their mothers and maybe fathers are now proud of?

What’s the deal with people wearing 3D glasses while fapping?

What’s the deal with – okay – the deal is that one JAV [Japanese Adult Video] studio decided that movies like that  should be released as soon as possible.

So this month – two productions starring <== Mika Kayama and Yuma Asami will be available.

So ladies and gentleMEN get ready to be 3Ded by this hot chicks.