The Crushing Fetish [+18]

This is not suitable for minors or the faint of heart. Contains extremely violent elements. You’ve been warned.

Jesus mane…I wish I haven’t read stuff like this. Once again I realize how fucked-up is this world – how people have serious problems and nobody takes action to stop them. This is a new concept for me too…and seriously I don’t know what to think about this shit.

There’s this thing called the crushing fetish in which [Ohh God :(] people kill animals by crushing them to death. This is an incident that took place in China where apparently there are no laws against torturing and killing animals 😐

Behind the videos that were leaked or sold or something like that – in which a female is stepping onto a little rabbit, beating it and crushing it – there’s a large group of sado-masochists who make profit from this bullshit. One explanation that was offered by an investigator is that these retards believe in the sexual ecstasy of being crushed by a female – which is a totally fucked up concept.

Through this, the base of our humanity is violated, dignity and mercy are no longer parts of our society…God didn’t create the human being to destroy other things but to protect them. I really hope these motherfuckers burn in Hell. And speaking of violating principles of morality – I don’t know what is worse – the fact of torturing animals or the fact of purchasing these materials – because the inflicted people make tons of money from this shit.

Because the identity of the culprits was revealed they tried to avoid scandal through apology letters. Get real bitch – after you exteriorize your cruelty and your incapacity of avoiding violence – you think that saying sorry will solve this thing? Fuck you then.

The crushing fetish is one of the elements that state that the end of the world should come earlier and faster. Killing dogs, rabbits and other small animals for pure pleasure and profit is the lowest way of living.

The women man – always the women. From Eve they represented evil, lust, absence of innocence. Even nowadays the young generations seem to be possessed. I’ve seen and heard a lot of things and I can only say this: I might be wrong but most of the women will always be bitches, retarded hoes that deserve to be beheaded – like those involved in this new sort of gore porn.

I feel sick about this story and I can’t delete those images from my mind now. They all laughed but this shit is so sad…

Last Seen… [update]

Well folks, it is time again to speak about what I’ve seen lately.

Anime time is out of question right now. I’ve been busy with work and getting enough sleep so I didn’t watch anime at all these few past weeks. But I made myself time to enjoy some movies and some TV episodes.

I re-watched the first season of Prison Break – cuz I was missing something related to prisons and stuff.

I had the chance to go to the movies a couple of times. I went to Unstoppable – story of a train let loose and gaining speed while being on its way to an industrial city. This train must be stopped before it derails and provokes a big catastrophe.

The second movie I saw on the big screen was The Next Three Days – drama about a woman who is imprisoned and apparently is innocent. Her husband played by Russell Crowe makes up a plan of rescuing her and living a normal life again. It was very touching.

I also saw Predators – enjoying the beautiful planet populated by these killers.

Ghetto stories was a low-budget hip-hop filled film I find rather amusing than dramatic. I appreciate the efforts but Lil Boosie, Foxx and Weebie are better on stage singing, not acting.

Probably the movie I’ve been expecting since the beginning of the year was the final part of Saw – Saw VII.

With a new set of traps, with multiple victims and a surprise from Doctor Gordon [spoiler] who was still alive and was Jigsaw’s right hand [/spoiler] the movie offered me a great time. Now the game was really over.

I also watched The Countess – the existential drama of countess Bathory. A film similar to Tarantino’s Hostel – called Train crossed my path two weeks ago.

And for the list to be completed I have to add Seven Pounds in here. Tonight Imma relax and enjoy Paranormal Activity. Til next time – take care.

Gothic Doll House

What do you see when looking at this picture? Do you see just what your eyes perceive? Only the characters and the way the room was decorated? Or you see the hidden messages under every detail?

Did you observed the facial expressions of the dolls? They inspire tranquility, a feeling transferred from a lost time and space. I enjoy this picture just because of permitting to analyze and of course visualize a moment of existence – a moment from a faded era. All this Gothic feeling is taken to another level because of the depiction of the closed, almost sealed room in which the moon shines enter.

The paintings symbolize the concentration of life – precious enough to be immortalized. The clock symbolizes the perception upon time, the more you spend enjoying something, the more its durability increases.

The dolls have a meaning related to youth, to innocence but also can be regarded as a symbol of hidden materia – unclear and unstable. Being black and white, these elements are more relevant and more consistent.

But what makes this piece of art to be pleasant is the image of the moon. The natural element spreads a direct and conclusive meaning of the picture. It refers to a static sensation – it is there, it can be seen but it can be explained properly. That is what makes this picture mystifying in a Gothic matter.

Aetatis Suae

I don’t have the proper words to describe those feelings but I can say that this image resembles to what I’ve been involved into. I got some free time and I explored my city a bit. Late November has installed and everything changed. Realizing that, I’ve managed to see myself as a totally different person.

Colors, autumn, joy and women – that’s what I’ve been researching lately 🙂

The city wears a uniform but not just a simple uniform. Every building, every tree, every street seems to have been locked in a body bag, without air, so their colors to dissipate, to fade away. Autumn it is beautiful but it looks like some sort of sickness – it’s like everything is in the final stage of cancer.

But I intend to enjoy the fresh air – wherever I can find it – the cold concrete under the emotionless sun and the visage of thousands of people who are looking to walk away from their problems.

I’ve seen photographers trying to immortalize the best aspects of autumn, children playing outside and among these I’ve seen life. Natural life, gorgeous life, simple life.

I guess I’ll enjoy this feeling again this weekend. I’ve been thinking about exploring some other places too, so I’m looking forward to that.

Among Predators

Yup – this is not a review or a personal-perception article upon this movie but a elaboration of some things that make these film villains be something that will never cease to offer ideas of concocting a story.

’87 – Guatemala rain forest – first encounter.

This alien species was something new to the human race.

With the ability of sensing body heat, the ability of recreating sounds, a complex cloak that helps them become invisible, various types of weapons and incredible strength, the Predators were meant to hunt and kill.

You can call that a similarity to the main operation that combat squads engage into first, in a war-zone – search and destroy.

The problem is that these creatures have no remorse, they are up for terrorizing and mutilating without a reason. In real life, I heard of similar stories, I’ve seen materials of what people can do, what they are capable of and why there’s a reason stating that this world should come to an end.

Predators have a refined way of conquering the new habitat that they end up in. They quickly adapt to new environments, to new statistics. The movie showed us that they are intelligent creatures that are sensitive to essential enemy potentials.

Therefore, villains like these will never be properly defeated…

H.O.T.D. manga full color

Next spring the Highschool of the Dead fans will be enjoying the release of a four-volume full color version of the original manga.

If you didn’t knew about this already, let me state that HOTD is one of the best manga series turned into an anime that hit the market this year.

Set in a violent zombie apocalypse environment, a few students take this as an opportunity of proving that you can still remain human in extreme conditions.

HOTD was also appreciated for the…uhhmm, female characters and the perverted side of getting things done.

But the zombie killing action was more than enough to gather thousands of fans. With nail-guns, katanas, bamboo sticks or elaborate rifles and shotguns, our heroes managed to survive in this hostile world.

The manga was great but a full color version will make it exceptional.

BRS OVA sequel

Well, if you watched Black Rock Shooter – the whole atmosphere offered by the story and the ending of it – made a proper announcement – there will be a second OVA. Now, it is official.

We’ll be able to see some more of Mato Kuroi and her liaison with the Black Rock Shooter.

As the first OVA presented us, one of the villains, the Dead Master who possessed Kuroi’s friend was beaten. But a new enemy appeared, who has a resemblance to another of Kuroi’s friends.

In the first one, I enjoyed especially the parts in which was described that alternative universe – very impressive depiction and good ideas of a unnatural fantastic land. I hope that the second OVA will be at least enjoyable as the first one.