Last seen-Part3

So this is part 3 of my last seen movies list. NjoY!

1-House of Wax

house-of-wax-posterposter by

A group of young people end up in a forgotten small-city where few people live. The city is hard to reach and keeps a secret. There are many wax-figures in real-life person’s dimension here. Soon, the truth will be discovered. The wax figures…were some time ago…alive. Elisha Cuthbert knows better 😛

2.The Day After Tomorrow

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A new glacial era is developing. And this sooner than anyone expects. When cold and despair match up…it’ll be an intensive struggle for survival. A very interesting thriller. Makes you to think about the debts of hell:P

3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-Original

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5 friends, one sunny afternoon, one crazy dude, one chainsaw, one pain, one nightmare. When this movie came up in ’74 it was a freakin’ phenomenon. I think it’s one of the best horror movies ever made. The remake is also good, but it can’t beat the original.

4. The Thing

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A terrifying thiller about an unknown species of alien, capable to transform in every organism it devours. From dogs to human beings, it can reach every form. The problem is do you know who is infected and who’s not?

5. 1408

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The story of a writer who seeks a haunted place as material for his new book. He receives a brochure about the Dolphin Hotel, which has a haunted room. 1408. Nobody survives more than an hour in there. Nobody…

6. Iron Man

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It all began with a simple iron armour used to escape from the terrorist’s hiding place. After this came the more advanced one…used to become a superhero. Another Marvel’s character brough to life in this magnificent world of visual art.

7. Automaton Transfussion

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Someone said about this movie “One of the best zombie films in decades”. I’m not sure if that’s true, cuz I didn’t enjoy it like a best zombie movie should be enjoyed. Man, maybe I saw too many movies and I began to expect more and more from the screenwriters…ma bad then:P

8. Antichrist

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Now this is a masterpiece. I really enjoyed this movie. It was hard at the beginning to understand all the messages the film is offering, but in the end it all resumes to one thing…the human nature is evil. No more info about the movie. It’s a must seen…so whatafuck you waiting for? Watch it goddammit!

No more You…

What Imma gonna do…When there’s no more YOU?

That’s one question that the Akon’s newest single “No more You” made me adress to myself. Funny thang is that it’s no more YOU for about three years:))) jeez..that sounds pretty gay. But I still love this track and just for the record, I’m madly in luv with Akon’s music, hell yeah, I love all the Konvict Muzik’s stars.

Anyway, keep the song playing. For all people sharing love…Akon’s newest single:

The sacred blacksmith 01

So, I decided to write again some things and of course my passion for anime revived:)) Luckily I have new names to add to my wishlist so today I present you the first episode of The Sacred Blacksmith.

The action takes place in the Independent Trading City Houseman, where there are knights serving and protecting the people. Is also the case of Cecily Cambell. First she seems to be in trouble when talking about protecting the city from an delusional armored man.

It’s the time for a misterious young man to enter the battle and to save the defenseless girl. From what we learn he is the most important blacksmith from that area.

Because her sword was destroyed, Cecily will look for the blacksmith to repair her weapon. Luke, that’s his name, will refuse. Cecily senses that she must prove she deserves a better weapon so when some demons are attacking the village she will step in. Just another excuse for Luke to save her.

This episode will show us the process of creating a magical katana by Luke which will be used in the battle with the demons.

The graphics are great, the characters well-created and I like the style of these series. can’t wait for the next episode.

Cecily is what you can call a moe character. Don’t you agree?

The Sacred Blacksmith - 01picture by

Yuria-100 shiki gets live-action

Yet another sex-comedy manga will get live-action movie. I’m talking about Yuria-100 shiki, the story of a female android created for naughty-purposes, as in “being a sex-slave for the master”.

But she gets “tricksy” and she runs away. That’s the story in the manga. The movie will surely have a changed plot. Anyway, new video material for the AV actress Fujii Shelly.

I’m not sure how good this movie will be, with the cast and all, but you know, now you can get money out of everything [related to porn].

Anyway, gotta check out the manga and read it. Obviously, not totally enjoy it!

Ninja Girl-Assassin of Darkness

And another not so great film is Ninja Girl-Assassin of Darkness. There is a little bit of ninja part and no darkness at all.

3583879NinjaGirl2Because i don’t know much japanese, I’ll give you no info about the writer, director or cast. I couldn’t find anything on .net either.

Well the story goes this way. In a world full of spies, the ancient way of the ninja must be revived. There is this girl Naomi, who is affected by amnesia and she doesn’t remember anything. She is the last ninja as we see in this movie.

bscap0087She is Naomi-the fearless ninja warrior-yup-just let me get serious. The movie is not so brilliant. She kills all the enemies and there is no blood on the sword. Yeah, and besides that, her sister kills herself by cutting her wrist with a knife. In about two minutes she’s dead. So let me again, get serious. Do you know that her lover in this movie is a superhero. I couldn’t understand those scenes.

bscap0090The movie is not recommended for underage persons. It has erotic elements…and why I’m saying this when I’m listening “I got hoes…” :))

bscap0091Yes, another thing i hated in this movie were the lights and the yellow filling colour. They were used excessively.

So, in the end, it’s just another “not must have”. Sorry guys but it’s not that good as I expected.

Grotesque: Unrated Version

From the director and writer Koji Shiraishi, here comes:

Grotesque: Unrated Version

Gurotesuku-DVD Cover

Grotesque is a japanese horror-gore themed movie, produced this year and directed by Koji Shiraishi. The story behind this production is quite simple. A japanese surgeon [Shigeo Osako], obsessed with mutilating and torturing people is picking up his next victims. A young couple, Kazuo [Hiroaki Kawatsure] and Aki [Tsugumi Nagasawa] will soon discover the real struggle to survive.


Everything begins with their first date and they will be together till the end.

bscap0078The lights and the shooting place are just similar to those in Saw. Of course the story is different, but not totaly original. The movie’s idea is just like in the “Guinea Pig” and “Hostel” where are doctors who torture people. [that’s why I hate doctors and hospitals…damn]

bscap0079Kon’nichi-wa beautiful! So…for the first time here? Well, she’s there for the first and the last time. Not kind of my favourite character but…you’ll all see in the movie.

bscap0080Now, this guy is very brave. He endures the torture just for a girl he just met. A true gentleman.

bscap0082The Japanese Chainsaw Massacre – there are too many movies in which there are chainsaws as weapons…just too many.

bscap0083False hopes…that’s what everybody fears.

bscap0084Not the best movie you’ll ever see, but you know…for time to pass or just because brings you closer to japanese entertainment. [5.4 on imdb]