Lost Girl : Pilot Review

A very promising sci-fi story has been recently released with the pilot of the newest Canadian show – Lost Girl. Bo, a female mutant – from a species known as Fae – has lived in shadows and solitude because of her “curse”.

She is capable of draining the life-energy from people by kissing them. Also she has the power to control someone’s mind with her touch.

When a female thief [Kenzi] has almost fall victim to a creepy weirdo – Bo takes action. After kissing him, the smile of death is portrayed on his face. This is the starting point of finding who the mysterious killer is.

Kenzi will face the truth like nobody expected and she wants to become Bo’s partner. But things don’t remain too simple.

As we learn that others like Bo exist, we assist to a test of deciding her fate.

No more details for you, mister. Only a few observations. Yes, you can say it resembles to “Charmed”, and that SF sexiness it’s all there is. I can say that the script has a few mistakes and that the lines are not the smartest ones. But it was catchy and I look forward to the next part of the story.And yes, Bo is a hottie.

By the way, almost 400.000 people watched the pilot in the airing-evening which is a new thing for the ShowCase TV.

Mirror’s Edge

When I start playing a game and I really like it – I can’t help but spent many hours trying to beat it. This stuff happened again with Mirror’s Edge. I finished the game in about 14 hours. And the thing is that I enjoyed every minute of it.

Inspired by two real life disciplines: parkour and free running – this first person action-adventure game offer the best of exploring the city jungle – trying to reach a possible point that normal movement wouldn’t allow it to.

The protagonist, Faith is a runner – a futuristic messenger that is in conflict with the actual in-game government – a so called “absolute” form of leadership. As the game continues – we learn about Faith’s hatred for the people in charge with the administration and political course of the city. We also find out the plan of decreasing the runners’ number, by eliminating them.

Yes, the plot is intriguing and the every second action that this game offers makes it one of the best action games I’ve ever played.

A colorful environment, the accent put on the character’s chance to find it’s own way through the obstacles and a little bonus – combat request. We talk about using the physical strength through fists trying to knock down the enemy units – or the accuracy while using a gun. Yes, we have all from pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns to the Benelli M3 Super 90 shotgun.

About the game-play – every player can choose it’s own way of going through it. You can simply run and do simple tricks like wall running, slides, lazy movements of just simply avoid the obstacles which is a fucked-up way of playing Mirror’s Edge.

If you ask me, I encountered some problems and I struggled to keep on playing. But with all my efforts – this game is a good choice. I can’t wait til the sequel hits the market.

Who is “Salt”

What would you do when you’re a Russian spy whose identity is almost blown? What would you do when you’re told that you’re about to assassinate your country’s president and not only. You probably would do like Salt – take action.

Salt is Angelina Jolie’s latest movie. Action combined with a list of great actors – a recipe for transferring the cold world of politics into a bloody do-or-die experiment.

Being a CIA officer, Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) has made a name for herself when it comes to interrogations.

She was trained to crack almost every detail of a possible bad guy. But when CIA is informed that she might be a Russian spy – she has to escape.

We assist to a very fictional parkour-like session of Salt trying to save her life.

The movie offers details about how someone has to put his career over any of his/her personal consideration, even family life.

Angelina’s performance was great – at least for me and other fans. You should try and take a ticket for this movie.

Why we love ‘Bitch Slap’

Besides tits and guns? Well, I’d like to say that I watched this movie only for that, but then I’ll be tellin a lie…and I’m no goddamn liar. So sit down, relax and get ready to be slapped. That’s what the promotional poster teaches us.

Okay…the story is not that simple. We have a hottie, undercover agent codename Foxy69, a psycho biatch – Camero and a beautiful stripper – Trixie.

Everyone of them is looking for something. Or at least that is what they end up doing. Foxy is searching for a powerful weapon [with microrobots], Camero is in the search of a 200 million dollars bag of diamonds and Trixie plays the victim when she is something else. In the end we will found out her role in all this story.

Okay…let’s get to the real part. Hot women, lots of guns, action scenes, fighting bitches, extreme personalities, all this in one movie.

Bitch Slap it’s about the vicious behaviour in the modern society. He have examples from prison, church, clubs and so on. All this means the hidden not-hidden part of our lives. You don’t understand me, do you?

OK. Bitch Slap brings this kind of story to tell that bitching around will never get you on higher ground. Always something will come up, and most important in all this are the relations with the others. Bitch Slap it’s about trust, it’s about the moment’s instincts, it’s about using someone. Once you see the movie, you’ll understand.

Bitch Slap is a great movie, if you see deep into the story, far away from the fact that half naked girls kick each other’s butt. It’s about getting what it’s yours…it’s about getting goals accomplished. Okay…it’s about bitches.