Lost Girl : Pilot Review

A very promising sci-fi story has been recently released with the pilot of the newest Canadian show – Lost Girl. Bo, a female mutant – from a species known as Fae – has lived in shadows and solitude because of her “curse”.

She is capable of draining the life-energy from people by kissing them. Also she has the power to control someone’s mind with her touch.

When a female thief [Kenzi] has almost fall victim to a creepy weirdo – Bo takes action. After kissing him, the smile of death is portrayed on his face. This is the starting point of finding who the mysterious killer is.

Kenzi will face the truth like nobody expected and she wants to become Bo’s partner. But things don’t remain too simple.

As we learn that others like Bo exist, we assist to a test of deciding her fate.

No more details for you, mister. Only a few observations. Yes, you can say it resembles to “Charmed”, and that SF sexiness it’s all there is. I can say that the script has a few mistakes and that the lines are not the smartest ones. But it was catchy and I look forward to the next part of the story.And yes, Bo is a hottie.

By the way, almost 400.000 people watched the pilot in the airing-evening which is a new thing for the ShowCase TV.

TLJ: Dreams

This is the intro a series of articles related the the best adventure game I’ve ever played: The Longest Journey. The articles will contain a lot of details about the game – so if you want to try it – you should consider not reading this article.

The Longest Journey is the story of the existence of two twin worlds. The Stark [Earth] and a parallel Universe called Arcadia.

The first one is governed by science and technology. We can see from the first chapter of the game that even if Venice it’s an old human-inhabited place – mega-structures and high-tech equipment is scattered all over the place.

Arcadia – is a place of magic, a place where dreams become truth. This will be explained in a later article.

Venice, Newport - outside the Border House

We have our protagonist – April Ryan. She is an artist studying at VAVA University.

Even if her inspiration left her – she has to finish some paintings for an upcoming exhibition.

We see that she has a troubling dream. She is taken to a strange realm where she encounters the Spirit of Wood and then a dragon which tells her that a greater destiny awaits her.

When she’s back to reality, a strange character – Cortez will show her his interest and knowledge about her condition.

He’s the one who marks a certain piece of the puzzle. He truly believes in the power of art and the truth of it. By using the phrase “visualize your dreams” he is capable of offering a detail about April’s dreams. They could be real – they are showing her something.

When while watching that movie – and the jungle landscape becomes real – we have our answer. Deep beneath our imagination is a sparkle of accuracy. It’s a principle that is the base of all things. It’s a naked-truth.

Does April know that?

Alter Ego Review

In the 19th century, in England, in the town of Plymouth, a tragedy occurred.

Feared by many, Sir William passed away. She had a terrible disease which deformed his face. Because of that people thought he was a monster and a killer. Many victims were found but nobody knew who was the real person behind those atrocities.

At the same time, one of our protagonists, Timothy Moor – a thief, is escorted to the city to be offered to the police. The sailors from the boat robbed and stripped him. This is our starting point. Timothy will escape the guardian and end up in the sewers – one place which will play an important role in our story.

Timothy came to the city because he has to meet a friend. Together they forge a plan to flee to America in order to start a new, better life.

A lot must happen til the moment Timothy and his friend will be able to get together. Unfortunately their plan of making money for tickets will bring them only trouble and they end up in jail.

The second character which the player will use is Detective Briscol. New assigned to the city of Plymouth, he will involved in the case of the disappearance of Sir William’s body in the night after his funeral.

A lot of clues are related to this incident. People died, others tried different solution for informing the population. Briscol is the severe type. He takes his role seriously but he is disadvantaged by the events that occur in a short period of time.

In the end, after struggling to find the truth, he will be dismissed from his authoritarian position. Here is when Timothy comes into play and they’ll team up to find the people responsible for all the recent murders.

One good part – if I might say – about adventure games is exploration. Lots of new and intriguing places makes the player feel like being a part of the story.

The design is very attractive yet simple. The interaction with objects and people is well-defined.

The puzzles have a normal level of difficulty. One thing that annoyed me was the fact that you can mix up objects in your inventory and that was the reason I sought help in order to continue playing. But at least I tried to play this game without much help from a possible written walkthrough.

The atmosphere in the game has a note of creepy darkness. The church, the mausoleum even houses have a bit of restlessness about them. But as you probably know I love these Gothic horror values.

It took me two days to finish the game. And I had fun and that’s all that matters. It’s not the best point-and-click game you’ll ever play but it is indeed interesting.

iPlay: Zoe Castillo

Welcome to the newest series of articles this blog has to offer. iPlay includes different aspects of gaming including stories, characters, puzzles and so on.

Today’s feature is the main character from a game I recently finished and which was featured here. I’m talking about the sequel to “The Longest Journey” – “Dreamfall”. Being an adventure game with a really cool story, the game has to offer interesting characters.

But probably the most interesting and cool and cute and…stop. The one which people loved is Zoe Castillo.

On the official “Longest Journey” forum someone stated – I think I’m in love with Zoe Castillo. Is that wrong?

If people fall in love with virtual girls that must have reasonable explanation. And all begins with the story behind the character.

Zoe is a typical girl who hasn’t found yet a purpose in life. She dropped out of university, she broke up with her boyfriend, she spends time doing useless things. She isn’t the type to get involve into every part of the society she lives in, by the contrary she has just a few close friends.

Lacking a purpose only makes her feel unsteady, useless, probably close to miserable. This til the moment her adventure begins. Being involved in the action of trying to help Reza will place her into a world she would never imagine.

At first she has a hard time accepting her role in all this story. She is the type of person who has to see with her own eyes in order to believe something. But she will convince herself of the things she has to deal with after The Eye – the police – puts her on the black list.

From the indifference she will get into really wanting to find out the truth.

The messages she receives – like the one in which she is told to find April Ryan – will reflect her devotion to the newly stated destiny.

It’s amazing how the creators put the pieces together and offered this character the possibility of mental and spiritual evolution. I always liked that in games or anime series or whatever crossed my path.

But is it worth to have a massive crush over a 3D virtual model? I guess not, but you can enjoy its aspect as long as you’re playing the game.

Zoe is smart, she is devoted to her cause and besides that she is represented as a women – acting cute sometimes or defending her personality. I guess I appreciate this character.

Mirror’s Edge

When I start playing a game and I really like it – I can’t help but spent many hours trying to beat it. This stuff happened again with Mirror’s Edge. I finished the game in about 14 hours. And the thing is that I enjoyed every minute of it.

Inspired by two real life disciplines: parkour and free running – this first person action-adventure game offer the best of exploring the city jungle – trying to reach a possible point that normal movement wouldn’t allow it to.

The protagonist, Faith is a runner – a futuristic messenger that is in conflict with the actual in-game government – a so called “absolute” form of leadership. As the game continues – we learn about Faith’s hatred for the people in charge with the administration and political course of the city. We also find out the plan of decreasing the runners’ number, by eliminating them.

Yes, the plot is intriguing and the every second action that this game offers makes it one of the best action games I’ve ever played.

A colorful environment, the accent put on the character’s chance to find it’s own way through the obstacles and a little bonus – combat request. We talk about using the physical strength through fists trying to knock down the enemy units – or the accuracy while using a gun. Yes, we have all from pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns to the Benelli M3 Super 90 shotgun.

About the game-play – every player can choose it’s own way of going through it. You can simply run and do simple tricks like wall running, slides, lazy movements of just simply avoid the obstacles which is a fucked-up way of playing Mirror’s Edge.

If you ask me, I encountered some problems and I struggled to keep on playing. But with all my efforts – this game is a good choice. I can’t wait til the sequel hits the market.

Follow Me To Syberia

Syberia and its greatness will never cease to amaze me.

I finished the game for the second time (and I needed a little help at some points) but I can say that I had an extreme good time playing this game and participating to the story.

This will not be a review-type material but just some of my perceptions on the game.

First of all, if you like stories, this game it’s meant for you. The amount of dialogue and exchange of ideas is outstanding.

You can learn many things from things game, trust me.

The characters are meant to interact and what’s better than trying to get info on everybody’s background. You’ll observe that every NPC is directly involved in the main story even if they don’t have a clue and they will never see through that. But of course, we are talking about multimedia – only a game – but a great game.

Then we have the puzzles. Some will demand a higher level of wisdom. This game it’s not for everybody to play. You must have a certain experience with puzzle games and of course you must be capable of thinking solutions for the stated problems.

This point-and-click game has a role of expressing that every problem has a logical solution and every potential “mystery” has an explanation. We learned that automatons or the mechanical robots are a great help in this game. Transferring solid, concrete real world information into the game makes it more profound, a piece of art if I might say.

I cannot find something bad about the game – only good things.

As I said, the puzzles can help you develop your thinking process because it demands you to challenge your mental capability. It is great when someone thinks that way. Trust me, where I live are so many stupid motherfuckers that I’m feeling guilty only thinking about their lack of wisdom. But I’m just glad that I can put myself into another list – the list of people who still have their brains intact and ready for the next provocation.

P.S. – You must be crazy not to love Kate’s evolution. I feel you, Kate Walker!

Ghost in the…sheet

The end of the year is near…so what’s left for me to do? Well, I found this lil’adventure game and cuz I love puzzles and lots of dialogues in the games..it was my two-nights-perfect-reason to stay awake 😛

I present you Ghost in the Sheet.

After you died…there’s a chance to become a ghost and you’ll be connected to a place where you spent time during your life. Our main hero Ghost in the Sheet was killed by a truck and now he has become a ghost. He will be chosen by a strange Ghost, the Boss, to go and investigate a strange factory where people died but their souls dissapeared.

This is how I started this beautiful adventure. GITS is a dark comedy with various puzzles to solve and of course at some points I needed a walkthrough because I stayed like about two hours to solve one little thing. I mean, these kind of games are meant to get the best out of you, you could become a genius 😀

The game presents the GITS and his/her action in order to discover the truth about the events at the factory…yes I almost forgot…The factory [at first sight] was a bucket making one :)) everywhere you’ll find buckets.

But the truth is much more deeper…they produced this device called…fuck knows how…something like ghostcatching motherfucking device. And all my effort was about finding this device and set free the other ghosts trapped in the factory.

And about my favourite part…that is Niels…or at least what’s left of him. This creature helps you a lot to find out the secrets of the factory. You start with his diary and you end up with him giving you advices.

A good adventure game…perfect for a winter holiday. Try it, homie!