Alter presents: Dizzy

Figure expos seem to bring out for fans all that is best when talking to PVC depictions of anime/game characters.

Recently there’s been made public the newest sculpture of Dizzy [from the Guilty Gears series and with a special apparition in the Queen’s Gate artbooks collection].

And by the look of it – only one word comes into my mind right now – AMAZING.

Just look at the details – the outfit, the well-proportioned limbs and the two entities representing Good and Evil from which Dizzy gains power.

If you played Guilty Gears at least once, you probably know Dizzy can become your favorite character in just a few minutes. Speaking of which – I gotta play GGXX #Reloaded today, just for the sake of seeing Dizzy in action again 😀

Momohime [PVC Figure] – review

To put it simple – this product is amazing. And I’m not referring to the moeness level that this figure brings but the level of details. It’s purely the best figure I’ve seen in a long-long time.

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Momohime is a character from Muramasa – The Demon Blade, a princess that ended up being possessed by the spirit of a swordsman. The game was developed in 2009 for Nintendo Wii.

The figure was produced by Tokuho Fukumoto and manufactured by Alter.

As I mentioned and you observed, the figure is very detailed. From the rocks she’s sitting on and the water splash between them to the clothing and accessories. Lots of colors – giving a lively feeling to the figure – this could make a good part of your personal collection.

You can order it here – Momohime [PVC 1/8]