Barcode KANOJO

A new iPhone app is making 2D kanojo lovers go crazy. If you scan any EAN/UPC barcode, you can get your hands on this “virtual” anime girl and just like in “Love +” you can establish a certain relationship with her.

As far as I know, the app works with most of the universal product codes.

To get into the ecchiness of this, this kanojo isn’t able to speak your language, so you have to use your fingers [of course] to interact with parts of her body and to get her understand you.

Thing is that this app has a certain multiplayer side of it. You can collect other kanojos even if they are already scanned by someone else. You can steal them and complete your harem :))

Til now, from what I’ve observed there are over 25.000 kanojos generated everyday. So, tell me people, why do you love 2D so much?

Black★Rock Heroes

[contains massive amounts of spoilers]

Parallel worlds in which everyone can become a hero…

Spirituality seen as part of fulfilling personal destiny…

Innocence that turns around when hatred installs…

Heroes were never born this way…they become what they accomplish.

If you saw Black★Rock Shooter [OVA produced by Studio Ordet after the song with the same name and using illustrations by Huke] that you already know the plot.

Kana Hanazawa is a junior highschool student, that is trying her best to make friends in the new environment. Her curiosity and the ability of “acting cute” brings her closer to Miyuki Sawashiro.

Always the quiet, calm and wise one – Miyuki becomes very quick attached to her new friend. From here, just a matter of time til the two of them will enjoy everything together.

Meanwhile, in a fantastical universe, The Black Rock Shooter who resembles to our Kana and the Dead Master which is an evil replica of Miyuki are battling.

There are no clues offered to lead us to some answers. We don’t know why they became enemies, what’s the purpose of the fight and more important who really are these characters.

As the OVA explains a bit later, because Kana made a new friend and the time spent with Miyuki has diminished, she will disappear. Our proven hero – the Black★Rock Shooter will save Miyuki.

Now, now – what’s the link between Kana and the Black★Rock Shooter? The answer is not clear but we see some sort of interaction between the two of them.

Like I said – heroes were never born this way therefore they become what they accomplish. Kana was attached to her friend and suffered because of the events. But her true feelings for Miyuki helped her become the one she was destined to be.

The OVA was the key for an up-coming RPG game with the same name.

Last Seen… [some update]

Been a while since I last talked about what I’ve seen lately.

Maybe too long to remember all the shows and movies that crossed my path. Recently I began watching Highschool of the Dead, one show that I dropped due to lack of time. I finished School Days, Queen’s Blade and Elfen Lied [again] and I’m about to start some ecchi shows [cuz I’ve been missing them].

With movies it’s another story.

I especially enjoy horror flicks – and zombie media. I re-watched the first three parts of Resident Evil before viewing Afterlife. It was quite good, but the 3D effects were not as awesome as I expected them to be.

I wasn’t impressed either by “The Last Airbender”. It had good animation, but the story wasn’t developed enough and it lacked emotionality. The soundtrack was good thought.

Then I passed onto some old good movies like “Good Morning Vietnam” – I never caught this one before and I was impressed how friends can become enemies over the night. And to be honest, the leading character was a genius.

Yesterday I had some fun watching Piranha. Well, it was quite good, despite the dark comedy porn that was meant to be. I mean, chicks are cool, naked chicks are great, but sadistic ancient piranhas are awesome.

Next I’ll watch a horror Indonesian film – something similar to the Grudge or The Ring. I love Asian ghost movies. That’s for sure.

Til next time, see ya.

Arrested for Uploading Anime

Well, piracy it’s still illegal, if you ask most of the people.

Recently, a women aged 42 was apprehended for uploading on a FS [file-sharing] network episodes from Mitsudomoe and other titles.

Piracy is considered to be a crime by law and it reduces the value of the released products. Japanese authorities are not friendly when it comes to talk about violating public interest and copyright.

I’m sure that even if they say that the users of that FS system can hide their info, the police can easily hack, decrypt infos and track down users – just like this case. She will be punished accordingly, only because she was not aware of what she was doing.

They say that you cannot live from making anime [artists are very poor-paid] and if nobody buys the product, companies start to fall apart. This year a lot of companies broke-down or fusioned with others just to remain on track.

I know money is an issue here, but if you can, just buy the DVDs. It feels great to have the originals.

Itasha: Need For Speed Anime

Weird Japan is back. I heard of a new hobby that attracts young people who have a passion for moe.

Itasha. The meaning of this concept is not related to the NFS series but could inspire future releases.

Itasha brings what’s best from anime and cars. It is a combination of these two – people want to create a perfect image of their cars by using anime female characters to decorate them.

In the example here we have a Lucky Star fan [probably].

Just imagine having a car pimped out with stickers from your favorite series.

Personally – if would own a car and could have it like this – Elfen Lied would be my choice of showing off. If you got inspired you could see the other pictures here.

Moe Day [part 1]

People from all around the world! Get ready for a party…because…this day…10.10.2010 it is the official MOE DAY!!

Japanese culture can impress you when it comes about explaining enjoying the little things. They tend to celebrate the most inexpressive things but which are useful and simple. We have celebrated different festivals related to different things. But now, it’s time to dedicate ourselves to the cutest and sweetest and the most beautiful things that exist: all that the moe phenomenon contains.

Now, an ample definition of this idiom would tell you that it’s a cliche when talking about anime/video-games female characters.

As you can see above all that is cute and apparently innocent it’s moe.

But this concept it’s not related only to the physical aspect of a character. The capacity of creating good impressions by acting “cute” in someone’s presence is also moe. If you saw “K-On” you know that the entire show goes like “moe, moe – kyun”. Cuteness overload. Perfect expression for describing what that show offers.

And it’s not the only one. And still, I have one question. Why do we have to celebrate moe again, when we already are celebrating it, with every show that we watch? The answer depends on what you feel when watching something. If you’re absorbed into it, you probably are involved in a fixed session of cherishing the plot, the characters, the messages..and honestly I’ve been through that.

Anyway, for those who really are into MOE, what can I say – enjoy it while it lasts 😀

[part two coming soon]

Super Soniko Babydoll vers. [PVC]

It’s been a while since I last reviewed some anime figures, but this one was too attractive not to be mentioned in here.

Super Soniko babydoll has two distinctive editions. This one, a lovely character, with a totally ecchi expressiveness, half-naked and ready to…hmm…party?!?

The music is directing her feelings. the cookies make the figure more enjoyable and we have also other cute elements like the cats.

The other edition, the DX, presents a refrigerator, a teddy-bear [not pedo, hopefully] and a guitar.

The association of the guitar with her headphones is amazing.

Other aspects: very interesting choice of hair color [thanks to the creator/illustrator and respected by the manufacturers and producers]. You should totally like the outfit and if you’re up for spending 6630 yens, you should add this to your collection.