Gothic Doll House

What do you see when looking at this picture? Do you see just what your eyes perceive? Only the characters and the way the room was decorated? Or you see the hidden messages under every detail?

Did you observed the facial expressions of the dolls? They inspire tranquility, a feeling transferred from a lost time and space. I enjoy this picture just because of permitting to analyze and of course visualize a moment of existence – a moment from a faded era. All this Gothic feeling is taken to another level because of the depiction of the closed, almost sealed room in which the moon shines enter.

The paintings symbolize the concentration of life – precious enough to be immortalized. The clock symbolizes the perception upon time, the more you spend enjoying something, the more its durability increases.

The dolls have a meaning related to youth, to innocence but also can be regarded as a symbol of hidden materia – unclear and unstable. Being black and white, these elements are more relevant and more consistent.

But what makes this piece of art to be pleasant is the image of the moon. The natural element spreads a direct and conclusive meaning of the picture. It refers to a static sensation – it is there, it can be seen but it can be explained properly. That is what makes this picture mystifying in a Gothic matter.

Three Extremes – perceptions

This is like one of the best j-horror films I’ve watched. Three intriguing and mind-freaking motion pictures collected under a suggestive title – extremes.

Of course they are not that sadistic you think they are – but are three original stories and what’s best – they can create a very creepy atmosphere.

The first short film is called “Box”. A creepy tale of two ballerina sisters that perceive the afection of their tutor in different ways.

This difference makes one of them go berserk and get the other one killed in a fire. Now – the ghost of the dead girl is constantly following her.

And the ballerina dance part is the creepiest scene of the film 😐

Next one is “Dumplings”. Do you have what it takes to eat dumplings consisting recently aborted fetuses? Yuck..motherfuck…

The last part “Cut” is about a psycho that ends up mutilating a woman in front of her husband by taking off her fingers one by one. This is something that goes more like a dark comedy – since it’s related to directors and actors. But still, the tendencies of reflecting mind-disturbances makes this a great motion picture.

Three Extremes is a cross-cultural collection, being represented by Japan, China and South Korea – in a way of putting story into vivid colors and onto the big screen.

Great characters tend to explain their potentials and existential lacks.

Point Of No Return

Art. We love it. We enjoy it. We need it.

Everybody is or at least should be interested in making his/her own life much interesting by getting involved into art. At this point we can speak about a simple hobby or a much sensitive aspect of one’s existence.

If it deals with sound – and has the ability to encourage someone to go on despite their problems – the person involved in this must know that only THAT matters – that only by re-experiencing those beautiful moments can truly proceed to the highest level of understanding music.

It is not like listening to the radio because you consider that this action might help you getting over your boredom session. It has to be more than that.

But maybe it’s not music that helps you find your inner strength. Maybe you’re like me, trying to get your knowledge on visual art to a level that can precisely be defined as a high-standard.

Photography or film-making – it’s your own choice – but it’s everybody’s delight.

The simple fact of recreating an idea on a screen has a deep, attractive meaning and it tends to express a certain degree of capability of causing emotional exposures.

Understanding a shot from a movie or an idea recreated in a photo brings the human being to the point of no return. Just like a financier should not stop the progress of a “potential” piece of art, everybody that enjoys a thing, no matter how insignificant it might be for others, he should not let his passion dissolve.

I recently worked on a seen movies list – and the number of the productions that captured my attention is coming close to 300. In my opinion I think that this number is very small compared to what the movie industry has to offer. I wonder how many good films I’ve missed and how many good films I’ll not get the chance to see.

But right now I’m at my point of no return. I know it is impossible for me to experience all that was shot for the screen til this moment but I’ll make this clear – no matter what happens – understanding movie-making and the products of it will be a part of my existence.

And that goes who all that have a true passion for something: books, paintings, photography, architecture and so on.

Just go for it. Because the real prize is the one you’re offering yourself. It is art. We need to make it a fragment of our continuance.