Aetatis Suae

I don’t have the proper words to describe those feelings but I can say that this image resembles to what I’ve been involved into. I got some free time and I explored my city a bit. Late November has installed and everything changed. Realizing that, I’ve managed to see myself as a totally different person.

Colors, autumn, joy and women – that’s what I’ve been researching lately 🙂

The city wears a uniform but not just a simple uniform. Every building, every tree, every street seems to have been locked in a body bag, without air, so their colors to dissipate, to fade away. Autumn it is beautiful but it looks like some sort of sickness – it’s like everything is in the final stage of cancer.

But I intend to enjoy the fresh air – wherever I can find it – the cold concrete under the emotionless sun and the visage of thousands of people who are looking to walk away from their problems.

I’ve seen photographers trying to immortalize the best aspects of autumn, children playing outside and among these I’ve seen life. Natural life, gorgeous life, simple life.

I guess I’ll enjoy this feeling again this weekend. I’ve been thinking about exploring some other places too, so I’m looking forward to that.

Daily Japan: The Japanese Garden

Daily Japan is a series of articles that are meant to express the inner beauty of this dream-land.

[property of Frans Schmit – flickr]

This Japanese Garden is one of the National Historical Monuments and it can be visited for a limited amount of time, each year. Probably the scenery is viewed best in autumn. The contrast of colors, the diversity of plants and the other natural elements create a perfect image of a small paradise.

Created at the beginning of the last century – the garden portrays the love of a foreigner [MarguĂ©rite M. Baroness van Brienen – Netherlands] for this amazing culture.

Koyo desu…

If you planned to visit Japan in autumn I must say you did a great job. And I say this because starting with this month – the natural scenery of this country becomes more beautiful, more intriguing and pleasant to your eyes.

I’m talking about the colorful tree leaves – koyo – which help creating a perfect landscape – almost touched by magic.

Fire-red, orange or a beautiful dark yellow, this leaves make photographers from all over the world to come here and capture this magnificent natural show.

Deserted places become crowded in no time, and with them is brought the joy of life. What can be more life-experiencing than truly enjoying a day in the middle of the nature? All the colors, the wind, the feelings that trees can spread around this time. I can’t imagine a better image than some dark red leaves under the blessed rains, moving slowly and emanating a sweet autumn scent.

I’m a nature lover and more than that, autumn is my favorite season – so I’m too excited only thinking about those landscapes.

Some of the best koyo-viewing places are in Kyoto, Tokyo and in the northern part of Japan.

The Tokufuji Station, the Shugakuin Imperial Villa or the Nishizawa Valley are some attractive spots for tourists. The autumn leaves define Japan’s beauty til late november.

Of course that other natural elements receive a new face after the autumn begins but the koyo spectacle it’s still better than anything else.