Why gay in my country???

Oh man…this shit really got me again.

I dunno what state/country you’re livin in but here…in Romania, the human being lost it’s essence. And I’m talking about the younger generation.

Now look at this motherfucker…he is purely GAY!

picture property of cocalari.com

So…OhhMGee…do you see? I wonder what the fuck does it take to a man to look like this. Well, I always did stupid photos with me in crazy poses and stuff…but just the moment’s fun time…and this idiot thinks that he’s cool? Look mommy, I’m on the .net. This is gayish web 2.0. Yes..I wanna buttfuck a pig :)) So hot :X

Anyway…we call them cocalari aka coca-boys..not because they’re on crack but because they suck cock without knowing it. I’m sure everywhere half brained individuals do stuff like this…but because this bitch is living in the same country…well, forget it..I think I f****d too many things in this article.

So..question of the day…are u gay?

F##k the Po-Police

Why do po-pos must always take on us?

The other night I was just chillin with some friends..we were outside after midnight and popos had a fucking problem with that. After asking to identify ourselves, they thought they are just smart enough to fuck with our minds.

They had a problem with me because like 6 months ago [how retarded popo boy can be] I did something bad [I destroyed something]. He was talking shit…but I don’t give a fuck.

They threatened us with the section if we don’t go home….say what…it’s a public zone…not your fucking property bitch. Yes indeed I had some beers with me…so, they can all go fuck themselves.

Popos used to protect citizens..now they chasing shit every night. Ma boy Lil’Boosie felt the same way when writing this song. Enjoy:

Quick update on my last seen movies

I know…I know…you don’t want to see this but it’s just my way of keeping an eye on my memory…sometimes I just forgot things that I don’t consider very important. Like this material…it’s just a quick update on my last seen movies. Cuz I do what I do but I also watch movies. So, no more posters on this one…cuz I’m in a hurry…have to play Half Life online 😛

I am legend
The hills run red
Flight of the dead
Friday the 13th
Hero wanted
The rocky horror picture show
Legion of the dead
Date Movie
The onion Movie

Saw 2
Saw 3
Saw 6
Perfect Opposites
Messages Deleted

It’s not much, considering the amount of time I have for doin’ this stuff. But now I’m busy practising in a TV studio, doing technical research and expanding my knowledge in TV studio work (soon a big material about this). Of course I still play, cuz I’m a geek 😀 and I watch several TV shows. So…why I’m wasting my time here when I have to do so much nerdy thangz???

See you later!

P.S. I forgot to add Jennifer’s Body on my list…guess Megan Fox didn’t influence me at all.