Cameron’s Anime

After Avatar…Cameron will [hopefully] impress us with an anime movie inspired by the manga and anime with the same title.

I’m talking about Battle Angel Alita which appear in this world in 1990 [manga]. 5 years later the anime was conceived.

James Cameron along with Laeta Kalogridis is working on a script that reflects the manga reality as best as possible. That’s right…they are concentrating more on the manga…because it offers more details about our hero.

Alita is a female cyborg that lives in the 26th century, so Cameron will [hopefully] impress us again with his SF technology.

Avatar News

Okay…since Avatar was very welcomed in the movie theatres all over the world, Cameron announced that he will be presenting a prequel and probably a sequel to this movie.

The sequel will take place this time, outside of Pandora. That’s what the rumours talk about.

Besides the sequel we will enjoy [some of us] an Avatar prequel…not a movie or a script but a novel.

Cameron will write an introduction to the Avatar world which will give more details about Jake Sully and Grace.

So, people who really fell in love with Pandora will just have to accept that all the other Avatar products will not bring them back to that paradise.

Of course we will see new places and fantastic worlds…but some will hope that those places will be as great as Pandora.

At this point anyone can grab their imagination and start writing Avatar fanfictions…


I don’t think that somebody out there hasn’t heard of Avatar yet…it’s purely impossible. This movie [written and directed by James Cameron] became so popular that everywhere you encounter something related to it.

I saw this movie twice, 3D and normal [and for those who asked if they should watch it on 3D or normal I suggest you try both].

The story is not quite the best ever written but it has its originality when dealing with blue humanoids and the Land of All Hopes -Pandora. Many people fell in love with this place and many [stupid people] wish that Earth was like Pandora.

Okay besides the effects that made the movie one of the best SF ones and besides the drama of destroying that pure world, I really liked:

– the creatures – you see, I’m like Cameron in a way…obsessed with creatures and fantastic beings [ever since I was a little bitch…aaahh, kid]

– the love story [sweeet :P]

and of course Neytiri  Рa perfect female wannabe. A strong personality, with strong feelings and who lives as real as possible.

I’m not the review type guy so no further details. For those who want more, you can check out the script at

Avatar is probably one of the best movies that involve a great journey in order to define one’s destiny. Speaking of that, everybody feels empty at a certain point in life. Avatar is all about this…life…love…being great and ultimately being accepted for what you are.