The sacred blacksmith 01

So, I decided to write again some things and of course my passion for anime revived:)) Luckily I have new names to add to my wishlist so today I present you the first episode of The Sacred Blacksmith.

The action takes place in the Independent Trading City Houseman, where there are knights serving and protecting the people. Is also the case of Cecily Cambell. First she seems to be in trouble when talking about protecting the city from an delusional armored man.

It’s the time for a misterious young man to enter the battle and to save the defenseless girl. From what we learn he is the most important blacksmith from that area.

Because her sword was destroyed, Cecily will look for the blacksmith to repair her weapon. Luke, that’s his name, will refuse. Cecily senses that she must prove she deserves a better weapon so when some demons are attacking the village she will step in. Just another excuse for Luke to save her.

This episode will show us the process of creating a magical katana by Luke which will be used in the battle with the demons.

The graphics are great, the characters well-created and I like the style of these series. can’t wait for the next episode.

Cecily is what you can call a moe character. Don’t you agree?

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