Three Extremes – perceptions

This is like one of the best j-horror films I’ve watched. Three intriguing and mind-freaking motion pictures collected under a suggestive title – extremes.

Of course they are not that sadistic you think they are – but are three original stories and what’s best – they can create a very creepy atmosphere.

The first short film is called “Box”. A creepy tale of two ballerina sisters that perceive the afection of their tutor in different ways.

This difference makes one of them go berserk and get the other one killed in a fire. Now – the ghost of the dead girl is constantly following her.

And the ballerina dance part is the creepiest scene of the film 😐

Next one is “Dumplings”. Do you have what it takes to eat dumplings consisting recently aborted fetuses? Yuck..motherfuck…

The last part “Cut” is about a psycho that ends up mutilating a woman in front of her husband by taking off her fingers one by one. This is something that goes more like a dark comedy – since it’s related to directors and actors. But still, the tendencies of reflecting mind-disturbances makes this a great motion picture.

Three Extremes is a cross-cultural collection, being represented by Japan, China and South Korea – in a way of putting story into vivid colors and onto the big screen.

Great characters tend to explain their potentials and existential lacks.

Under The Hawthorn Tree – Review

In the period of Cultural Revolution in China [60s-70s] life would much depend on the economical virtues. Families would be banished because of the political point of views, the communism would teach people to fear the superiors and the young population would have to struggle to built their future.

With her dad being held in a political prison and her mother being sick, Jing has to endures a lot til she accomplishes the goal of becoming a teacher. Things get complicated after she takes a trip to the countryside to get experience for elaborating an essay regarding the Communist values of their country. She gets familiar with the Hawthorn Tree and its legends – and based on this story she will begin writing propaganda essays.

The one who enjoys her artistic side is Sun, a member of the local geological unit. Romance is like two seconds away.

The months that follow – Sun is watching over Jing who has to return to the city, in order to fulfill her duties. The two of them are from very different economical backgrounds – so Sun helps her with anything he can.

Being in love means also neglecting things – so Jing’s mother finally finds out about their relationship. The romantic story becomes a drama when these two young lovers have to stay away from each other because of the political and social conflicts that could be generated.

The sad ending is inevitable after Jing has knowledge of Sun having leukemia. A beautiful story with a tragic end. Does someone deserve this? I think you know the answer.

Under The Hawthorn Tree is the best Chinese drama I’ve seen this year. Recommended for both its cultural and romantic side.

Choun Shiryu Figure Review

Griffon Enterprises brings us again some new Ikkitousen goodness.

From the producer Masahiro Yamamoto comes the figure of Choun Shiryu – one of the protagonists of the latest Ikkitousen series – Xtreme Xecutor.

Of course that being related to Ikkitousen, the figure must depict the beauty of the female body.

We have a nice Chinese blue-dress with the clicheic pattern of dragons and of course the white stockings to fire-up the buyer.

I couldn’t help but to observe the details of this figure – I mean I adore that weapon she is holding in her hand. About those closed eyes – the producer maybe wanted it this way to suggest her spirituality [who knows – I was just saying].

Anyways, this seems to be a must-have for collectors. It costs 6.460 yens.

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