Alodia Gosiengfiao

Danny Choo’s first episode of Culture Japan is now on Youtube – for those who didn’t had the chance to see it. And among the stars featured there is a sweet little cosplayer from the Philippines.

She is Alodia Gosiengfiao – she is 22 [born in March 1988]. She has a passion for Ironman – and besides that she is a gamer/cosplayer/model/anime fan/artist and pianist. She is interested in almost everything related to art.

Her success began in 2003 when she won the C3 Convention – when she wore a Final Fantasy X-2 costume. Since then she really made a career out of modeling. Because of her popularity and choice of passion – she is now one of the most influential women in the Philippines. I totally agree with that – mostly because of her way of life. She lives for her passion – and that is respectable.

You can follow her on Twitter or be a fan on Facebook. Also you can hit her official site for more cosplaying goodness. I used some of her pictures to create this slideshow. So all the pictures belong to their respective owners.

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About Culture: Japan – more details to be revealed soon.

Britney Loli Cosplay

Oookay…that is unusual for me but normal for the artist right? If I don’t get it that means I’m not capable of understanding art?

Meee? The one who percepts this world a constant video show? The one who enjoys the colors of life more than anything else? The one who tries to see beneath the simple messages of things he’s confronting?

I don’t think so. I might be dumb or stupid or whateva, but this is still strange for me.

It’s not like trying to describe this image…

I know Britney shocked and still tries to do that. But being “reinvented” by using the image of a loli wearing a swimsuit…that is a bit eccentric.

I like swimsuit…who doesn’t? But this image isn’t the perfect one to show me the beauty of wearing a swimsuit. Especially when banning lolis comes into play.

Lolis have this thing – people say it’s bad but people also say it’s good. If we think about the fact that manga depicts these fresh outta-diaper females as erotic instruments – obviously that is wrong.

But wrong is good for some people. Anyway if we think about the innocence and the cute smile and whatever the fuck can be related to a child [I freakin hate kids] for some this might be the center of their heart’s goodness.

Apparently Britney is encouraging the first aspect of loli existence. It is just art or it is something that could cause big trouble among individuals of modern society? You decide, my answer was written here – if you didn’t manage to see it – read more carefully. Beeotch!

Moehaku 2010

Moehaku 2010 edition brought into attention lots of car and motorcycles designs, but to be honest, that wasn’t the main attraction.

Beside the car-show there were lots of cosplayers that became [NICE and slowly] the main reason for being there.

Like somebody said, maybe, most of the visitors/photographers, were there for this hot cosplayers that gave the opportunity of seeing new real-life characters.

Don’t tell me you still prefer that motorcycle even after seeing that Melona-doll.

Such amazing…skills. This type of event it’s a great opportunity to start your photographer career. I mean, all these cosplayers – while you’re engaged with them on a photo session – they offer you exactly what you’re asking for them.

That if you’re not a scared bitch and block when seeing them. It’s not just one time when I read that someone became shy when seeing a cosplayer and couldn’t ask for various poses. Damn…and I don’t know how to do to get into a cosplay show…