Culture: Japan

Danny Choo’s documentary about the pop-culture of Japan is an intensive work of defining the best aspects of Japan’s media spread throughout the world.

From gathering information about figure collectors and gaming addicts – we can see that many people out there choose to live constantly for their biggest passion.

The previous articles was about a cosplayer that is featured in this show. Like her, many other offered a piece of their lives – a small part of their hobbies and passions.

Culture: Japan brings in front of you an important aspect of real life that inspired many anime series – the high-school.

Also we are placed in the wonderful world of figma-creating artists. Yes, you can learn a lot about figures and the process that give birth to them.

The documentary is up on Youtube and you can watch it right below. Enjoy it!

Koyo desu…

If you planned to visit Japan in autumn I must say you did a great job. And I say this because starting with this month – the natural scenery of this country becomes more beautiful, more intriguing and pleasant to your eyes.

I’m talking about the colorful tree leaves – koyo – which help creating a perfect landscape – almost touched by magic.

Fire-red, orange or a beautiful dark yellow, this leaves make photographers from all over the world to come here and capture this magnificent natural show.

Deserted places become crowded in no time, and with them is brought the joy of life. What can be more life-experiencing than truly enjoying a day in the middle of the nature? All the colors, the wind, the feelings that trees can spread around this time. I can’t imagine a better image than some dark red leaves under the blessed rains, moving slowly and emanating a sweet autumn scent.

I’m a nature lover and more than that, autumn is my favorite season – so I’m too excited only thinking about those landscapes.

Some of the best koyo-viewing places are in Kyoto, Tokyo and in the northern part of Japan.

The Tokufuji Station, the Shugakuin Imperial Villa or the Nishizawa Valley are some attractive spots for tourists. The autumn leaves define Japan’s beauty til late november.

Of course that other natural elements receive a new face after the autumn begins but the koyo spectacle it’s still better than anything else.

All Eyes On: Maid Cafes

Here’s the deal. You’re looking for a nice hot cup of coffee and some really delicious snack.

You know this place that has now several years behind and people only talk good things about it.

But that’s not all of it. You know that once you get there, a beautiful world will open to you. You will have to enjoy every moment of staying there. Why? You still ask why after you chose to enter a maid cafe?

Yes, maid cafes, a place where every otaku feels like in paradise.

A warm welcome, a cute face and a great outfit are just here to make you feel important. Associated with the moe phenomenon, maid cafes are the best choice when you want to enjoy your favorite type of coffee.

There are different types of maid cafes: where besides enjoying a hot drink you can play different games, get into more social actions, know many types of maids (like the tsun-dere) who will not make you feel better for your choice.

But that is an isolated example. Those beautiful women dressed as maids must treat the guest with respect, to treat him like an honored guest. The high quality of the products and services come hand in hand. But obviously the beautiful scenery of maids makes this experience priceless.